CPU choice? Help please

  Grandad D 22:48 14 Aug 2003

Hi. I am about to buy a Laptop as a replacement for my desktop (A very good one but takes up too much room). I have found 2 that I like. One has a Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 3Ghz processor, with SpeedStep Technology. The other has an Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz with hyper thread (whatever that is)Can anybody out there tell me the best one please. I am not bothered about battery time. The computer is used for the web, general computing and the odd game by my grandson. Thank you, Dennis

  Jean-Luc Picard 23:03 14 Aug 2003

The Pentium 4 processors using hyperthreading technology with an 800fsb are currently the best processors on the market. If price is not an issue I would definately go for that.

  Grandad D 23:16 14 Aug 2003

Don't know if it helps but a little more info. Laptop 1> 3 Ghz Pentium 4 H-T, 512 meg pc 2700/333MHz DDR,40 gig hard drive, 64 MB Nvidia GeForce Go. Laptop 2> 3 Ghz Pentium 4 Speedstep, 512 meg 266 MHz DDR, 60 gig hard drive,64 MB ATI Radion Mobility 9000.
Laptop 1 is the cheaper. Thanks, Dennis

  Jean-Luc Picard 23:40 14 Aug 2003

I am not to familier with mobile graphics cards but I would expect the Radeon to be superior. The Memory of Laptop 1 is slightly faster than that of Laptop 2 although you may not notice a great deal of difference. Since you are replacing a desktop the clinching factor apart from price should probably be the 50% extra Hard Disk space available from Laptop 2.

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