cpu is beeping

  andrewmahoney 03:11 25 May 2003

I have a mesh athlon 266mhz motherboard and amd xp1700 cpu with 256ddr memory,supplyed by mesh compleat two years ago.just lately the pc crashes and starts beeping.it takes me 10 to 30 goes to reboot it,it starts in setup telling me to check the prossesor speed.the speed is allways 1400 approx,i can then restart windows normally.the pc will then run for a few hours to a few days before it crashes again.each time it gets longer to get it back on.i have partition majic installed so that i can use xp and win 98.this has been in use for nearly 2 years with no problem.it seems that it crashes on xp more than on win 98,but i do use xp more.i still have ayears warranty on it,but i would like to be sure of my facts before i send it back.i would appreciate any advice from anyone out there.!!!!
PS when it beeps the fan on the geforce2 does not run,i have swaped it with another geforce2,from my other pc but it is still not running.?they both work in my other pc.

  powerless 04:11 25 May 2003

What is the beep sequence, how many beeps, lenghts? (1 long beep and then 2 short for expamle)

What BIOS do you have? You can usally see this when the computer starts.

DUST - Clear the dust from iside the case and off the fans. Compressed air is good for this. Turn of at the mains and disconnect everything.

Backup all of you work just to be on the safe side.

  Stuartli 08:30 25 May 2003

The beeps are most likely eminating from the motherboard.

If you visit the website of your BIOS software (Award is now Phoenix) you will be able to find a list of explanations for the various beep sequences; alternatively a search on google for a site such as this: click here will reveal many choices.

It could be that the CPU is getting too hot as Powerless may be suggesting - check the temperatures in your BIOS setup if this is available.

Also make sure that the case's air flow is at its most efficient and not being blocked or slowed by cabling etc.

  andrewmahoney 00:43 28 May 2003

thanks for the addvice,i have cleaned out my pc,and have checked on the phoenix site which is my bios.my pc beeps once every second,i can not find a code for this,they keep on about four beeps,no mention about two beeps.i have talked to mesh,they had me take out my ddr ram card and put it back in for some reason?no joy,so they are going to send some one out to me with a new gforce2 and a new ram card.that should be within 5 to 10 days,i will let you know the result. andy.m

  Keith 05:34 28 May 2003

... is the CPU fan definitely running OK?

  andrewmahoney 09:11 28 May 2003

yes i even swaped it with the fan from my other pc.what would hapen if i removed the bios chip and then put it back in? or remove the battery just above the chip? and put it back in.is there any way a virus could cause this.the first time it hapend i had left my pc on over night down loading video from win mx,in the morning the pc was beeping.

  andrewmahoney 18:47 29 May 2003

i just swapped my ddr ram memory for the same 250ddr ram card from my second pc,and it worked ! .my pc starts and run ok.apart from the gforce2 fan that still isnt running.so ill wait for the mesh man to sort that out.

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