VIA CPU to AGP Controller conflict.

  Paranoid Android 13:09 12 Jun 2003

Now this is driving me nuts.

(see earlier thread NVidia Drivers / WinXP NTFS - posted by Paranoid Android on Tue, 15.04.2003)

I have now tried a clean install of WinXP on an ntfs formatted partition. I then created an image of the clean install before loading any other software.

Upon loading the default Windows XP NVidia display driver, the system works without problems,
BUT it has no Glide support so several of my games won't run. Antialiasing is pretty poor too.

So to get my games working I need a detonator driver.

Everything works OK with detonator drivers on a bare system UNTIL
1) I install updated VIA motherborad chipset drivers or
2) I install Windows XP Service Pack 1 (which presumably contains updated VIA chipset drivers.)

As soon as I load any detonator series driver with the updated chipset drivers, I get a resource conflict with the VIA CPU to AGP controller which causes the graphics to start in VGASAVE mode. If I manually re-install the device in Device Manager it instantly installs and works correctly without problems - until I restart the machine.


I have tried this with various NVidia detonator drivers from 2942 up to the latest. All exhibit the same problems.

I have tried twiddling with BIOS settings (assign IRQ to VGA, VGA BIOS shadowing, that sort of thing) but I can't see a pattern that makes any difference.

Here's the clever bit - none of this happened under FAT32, and I am now totally shooting in the dark. Please help before I commit computercide.



Mobo Biostar M7VKD Graphics INNO3D Tornado Gf4 Ti4200 512 MB PC133 SDRAM.

  Rayuk 18:42 12 Jun 2003

Try click here plenty of info kicking about there

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