CPU activity. How to check actual usage (W2K)?

  Diemmess 11:28 01 Nov 2006

Am currently in a mess.

Once Desktop is reached the whole thing goes dead slow, some apps will not even open!
Began when I upgraded to AVG 7.5 Free.
Thought I had it sorted and made a HyperOs image.

The symptoms are those of something incompletely loaded and dragging everything down in the process. msconfig shows nothing new at startup.

Restoring to an earlier version has the same falt. Have searched in vain for clues.

For starters how do I find how much of the CPU is in use. It feels lile 100%

  anskyber 11:29 01 Nov 2006
  birdface 12:03 01 Nov 2006

Dont know if you are using Advanced Windows Care or not,Had the same problem for a few days, off and on. Hard job opening my e-mails And getting in to this site this morning, Decided to stop Win/one/Care running on the quick start, As Soon as i done that ,I had no problems,

  Diemmess 13:39 01 Nov 2006

Using the thing once booted is like dragging through treakle in wellies.

There is a utility in W2000 somewhere which shows what % of the system (CPU) is in use at any time.
Can anyone help me find it?

  Diemmess 15:20 01 Nov 2006

any clues?

  anskyber 15:34 01 Nov 2006

Did you try the download?

  Diemmess 17:17 01 Nov 2006

Yes but not straight away!
It confirms what I thought, the CPU is going between 75 and 100% all the time. Allthe other listed apps are either non contributing or taking on and off about 1 or 2%

With HyperOs I have alternative systems and the lowliest is trouble free, but is a basic windows 2000 plus printer

On the ailing system I tried sfc/scannow but it claimed the installation disk is not the correct one! (Something weird in the registry or system files)

Unless someone comes up with a miracle cure I am going to try a repair of the main "Computer" OS, and failing that, will have to clone the basic one and build the full works again from there.

  User-312386 17:21 01 Nov 2006


Go into the BIOS and turn off firewire

  Fingees 17:32 01 Nov 2006

You could try

click here

It may just speed it up

  Diemmess 17:38 01 Nov 2006

My Awaed Phoenix BIOS doesn't own up to Firewire and looks just as I left it.

- Oddly the internet connection behaves itself or I wouldn't be able to go online. Downloading is about about 75% slower but it would be with such a busy CPU wouldn't it.. poor thing

  Diemmess 17:49 01 Nov 2006

Have decided to clone the basic system, and meanwhile keep what I have as a means of communication until the new system is complete.

Will make occasional returns to keep in touch

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