ace121pk 17:34 10 Apr 2004

I turned my pc on and the monitor displays a no signal message the CPU remains frozen, no activity and the LEDs on the CPU are lit up constantly

  hugh-265156 17:41 10 Apr 2004

leds on cpu?? eh?

have you checked the cable from monitor to graphics card or motherboard is secure?

check the graphics card is firmly in the slot also.

  Diemmess 17:43 10 Apr 2004

Please give basic info about your computer. What operating system and model type if you know that?

Have you changed or altered anything before the present problem, and are there any sounds except the normal single beep soon after you switch on?

  ace121pk 17:43 10 Apr 2004

Yep, checked all that but it still doesnt work, there is no activity from the cpu

  ace121pk 17:46 10 Apr 2004

i'm running windows 98 on an althon XP2000 with 256mb sdram it has built in graphics

  Diemmess 17:49 10 Apr 2004

Many think that the cpu is the central processing unit or the main chip in you computer which noramlly sits there and calculates astronomical numbers but never (God willing) lights up or shows any activity except by becoming very warm.

  hugh-265156 17:51 10 Apr 2004

any beeps?

have you another monitor you can try?

  woodchip 17:51 10 Apr 2004

Try a different PSU if you do not get any beeps

  hugh-265156 17:51 10 Apr 2004

re:leds do you mean hard disk activity light and power light on the case?

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