CPU 100% Usage - PIO Mode?

  MercyLink 12:43 21 Dec 2004


I have a AMD K6-II 500Mhz PC with 160Mb of ram running windows 2000. I only installed it yesterday but the CPU sits at 100% almost all the time and after a few minutes the computer becomes painful to use.

I thought of things that could be causing high CPU usage such as spyware or background services but I havent yet connected it to the internet and it is running the default services that come with 2000 SP4. My next calling point was device manager and all the devices are fine. It then occured to me that if the hard disk was running on PIO mode the CPU would shoot to 100 every time I tried to access the disk. I checked the IDE channel properties and it is on PIO mode. The dropdown menu says "DMA if Available" and I know the hard disk supports DMA mode 5 because i had it in another PC recently running on DMA5.

Could anyone suggest a way to get it onto DMA mode, or any other solutions to my 100% CPU usage problem that I might have overlooked?

  MercyLink 14:23 21 Dec 2004


  iambeavis 14:31 21 Dec 2004

Are these of any help to you?

click here

click here

click here=

  MercyLink 14:24 22 Dec 2004


The first one is a very interesting read but didnt offer much in the way of a solution. I have tried the registry hacks in the second article and it still wont go to DMA. The third article is for Windows 95 and so not much use to me but thanks anyway.

In the bios it shows as:

Pri Master Disk : LBA, UDMA 66, 40022Mb

I borowed a friends XP cd to see if that would help and its still on PIO mode even in XP. I think it might be the chipset drivers but I cant seem to find any updated ones.

Any help aprechiated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:29 22 Dec 2004

Uninstall and reinstall the IDE Channels.

  MercyLink 14:31 22 Dec 2004

Thats the first thing I thought of :o) they are still stuck in PIO.

  MercyLink 14:40 22 Dec 2004


I set the Device to use PIO mode by default, rebooted, reset it to DMA, rebooted and its now nicely in DMA Mode 4!


Thanks for you advice!

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