CPU 100% Usage

  Supertramp 18:44 25 Sep 2003

For the past few days I have found that my 1gig Celeron is running at 100% all the time. I have deleted running items one by one by press Crtl, Alt, Del but still no drop in usage. I have gone through previous postings to see if/what recommendations but with no luck, virus programme. i.e. AVG does not show any virus?s and I have also ran online virus programmes.

Can anyone please help. Running Windows 98SE.

  cdb 18:55 25 Sep 2003

when you press control/alt/delete what processes are using up the 100%?

  Supertramp 18:59 25 Sep 2003

Thanks for your quick reply CDB.

A bit green I'm afraid on this. How do I find out which programmes are using up 100% when pressing Ctrl/Alt/Del.

  cdb 19:02 25 Sep 2003

just click on the process tab in task manager and then click on the cpu tag to arrange them in order of usage, so they are at the top of the list. (you might need to click twice to get them at the top)

  R4 19:07 25 Sep 2003

Ctrl/Alt/Del gives you a popup showing all running programmes:

or you could use 'MS System information' ... look in the software environment this shows this loaded modules and running tasks.

  cdb 19:18 25 Sep 2003

Is control/alt/delete different on 98se to winxp? It shows me who's using what.

  BarryKeith 19:20 25 Sep 2003

The "system idle process" is intended to keep the CPU busy when it has no tasks to perform, it will maintain the CPU at 100% usage regardless of what you have running. This, perhaps surprisingly, makes your computer work better.

  R4 19:22 25 Sep 2003

control/alt/delete on Win98SE shows running programs and can be used to shut them down or reboot windows:

I'm never seen a task manager

  Supertramp 19:33 25 Sep 2003

Sorry CDB my brain ain't working tonight? can't grasp click on process tab in task manager. Can't see cpu tag?.

Been in system info and running task and this is how they appear. Hope this helps, thanks for your patience.

Kernel32.dll 4.10.2222

  BarryKeith 19:45 25 Sep 2003

Pressing Ctrl,Alt & Delete together will bring up the task manager where you can check which tasks are running and terminate any that may be causing problems, this is the same for all versions of Windows. Be careful if you terminate any tasks, as you can cause your computer to stop responding if you shut down something important.

  R4 19:53 25 Sep 2003

Re :- can't grasp click on process tab in task manager. Can't see cpu tag?.

Thats because there isn't one (not in Win98 anyway)

the popup is a 'Close program box' use carefully

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