Yorkie156 08:30 13 Jul 2007

Can anybody help me with this problem, I have just reinstalled my operating system following problems with a black screen. I am still in the process of updating my drivers however; last night my processor was running at 100 percent. Could this be the fact that some of my drivers need sorting out or could it be another factor. All my fans are running so its not a heat problem my processor is a dual core and on the cpu monitor it shows one at 100% and the other at 34%. The OS is Windows Vista Ultimate and I have 2gb of RAM. This is the first time it has done this. Any ideas appreciated.

  birdface 08:42 13 Jul 2007

You could check Task Manager to see what is using your CPU.It could be Microsoft searching for up-dates or maybe you have set your anti-virus to run at start up,System idle proccess should be showing about 96%.

  Sheik Yerbouti 08:45 13 Jul 2007

Right click the taskbar and start 'Task Manager' ...at the bottom left, click show processes from all users, now look at what process is taking up the most cycles and either post some more info back here or Google the process for some info on it. In vista you can also right click on the process and see what service it is connected to. Also fire up 'event viewer' (Control Panel - Administrative Tools) see if there is any clues in there about it.. Errors or warnings.

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