CPU at 100%

  Eye No Nuffin 16:30 21 Sep 2003

Home XP Athlon 1400

Similar to Researcher 16/09/03 21:24 I also have 100% usage problem.

Using same advice given in thread have found 'svchost.exe NETWORK SERVICE' running at 99%.

Can someone tell me what it is and if alien how to resolve.

  krypt1c 16:43 21 Sep 2003

svchost is an integral part of your os. It is used by a variety of services. There's a downloadable guide here click here

  Eye No Nuffin 18:48 21 Sep 2003


had a look at the guide but it is a bit heavy going for my level (grade 1 PC dimwit).

Still need some help on this one.

Summing up what is shown under 'processes' I have svchost.exe listed 4 times.
2 x System
1 x Local Service

  Eye No Nuffin 20:12 21 Sep 2003

Eureka ! Found the cause....

It is Spyblocker 4.6 which boots up with windows.

Ending this task returns CPU to a more normal situ.

Have to decide what to do - replace the prog with something else or initiate when just going on line.

any comments ?

I-NO a teeny bit more

  krypt1c 21:06 21 Sep 2003

I assume spyblocker is a spyware utility. Try the various utilities here instead. click here

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