Cpoying music to an MP3 player

  Rhuddlan 00:18 04 Feb 2004

A friend of mine has just had a new computer built by a friend and as she's a complete novice, she didn't know wheather she had a CD Writer, so when she attempted to copy some music in Windows media player 8 onto a CD/R, a message appeared saying that she needs a portable device to copy the files selected, and if she can copy her music through her MP3 player, how is it done, in terms of where to connect the player as well as copying the music to the CD/R. Thanks for any help in advance.

  Demora 00:27 04 Feb 2004

Most MP3 players are connected via the usb ports. Unless like my Sony Ericcson Mobile phones add on mp3 player which uses an sd card and card reader. I've always used MusicMatch to download to the player. Which is almost like using the stereo system similar control buttons only click with the mouse not pressing record etc.


  Rhuddlan 00:51 04 Feb 2004

On the MP3 player my friend has, there is no USB port and would it be advisable to copy through WMP?

  temp003 05:27 04 Feb 2004

Well, the MP3 player has to be connected to the computer first, in some way.

If the mp3 player does not have USB (or firewire) port, then it should be the type which has a memory card slot. You put supported music files on a memory card which can be inserted into the slot.

As Demora said, you will need a card reader which supports the particular memory card. Most card readers support many kinds of memory cards, usually with usb connection. You put the memory card into card reader, connect card reader to computer, and all post-Windows 98 operating systems will automatically recognise it as USB mass storage, and will be given a drive letter in My Computer, with a description called something like Removable Disk. You will need a driver for the card reader if the operating system is 98. Once recognised, you can delete/copy music files from/to the memory card in My Computer in the usual way.

Normally you don't need to use WMP to copy music files to the player or memory card. Just do it in My Computer or Windows Explorer. Certain mp3 players or devices need their own special software to communicate with and transfer files to/from the computer (such as iPod and some Sony products).

As to copying music files to CDR, there's not much one can do until we know IF she has a CD writer. Give her instructions to go to Device Manager, expand DVD/CD-ROMs, and read out the model number of the CD, which then can be checked on the internet as to whether it's a CD writer.

If she has one, whoever installed the computer for her must have installed some CD writing software, such as Nero or Roxio.

If she just wants to copy music files to a CDR (as storage, not to be played on a CD player), then she can burn the CD as a data CD. If she wants the CD to be played on a CD player, then she should select Audio CD. All this can be done in the CD burning software.

If she has a CD writer, but no burning software, then she can burn an audio CD via WMP.

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