Cponveting HI 8 films to DVD

  geek84 19:57 09 Jan 2012

Hi Folks

Please forgive me if this is the wrong forum for my query but how can I convert Hi 8 camcorder tapes to DVD?

I have a DVD and the camcorder but don't know which leads go where!!

Can someone be kind enough to give me some advice or direct me to any videos (such as youtube), which could help.

Thank You.

  Terry Brown 20:51 09 Jan 2012

First you will need to transfer the camcorder tapes to the Harddrive.

depending on the output sockets on your camcorder you will need to get a cable to connect to your computer see link for info http://www.ehow.com/how14432transfer-video-onto.html and you will need a device (Either a TV card or a device that plugs into a USB socket.

Once you have done that use a video editor (If using XP - try movie maker from your system- slow but it works).

When you are satisfied use a DVD burner (check google) to burn to disk.


  Terry Brown 20:54 09 Jan 2012

Sorry link did not work- Try this one



  Terry Brown 21:09 09 Jan 2012

Final try for link



  Les28 21:10 09 Jan 2012

have a DVD, what does that mean please?

DVD player, DVD disk standalone recorder, DVD player/burner in your pc?

The camcorder is a Hi8 camcorder that you used to make the Hi8 videos on?

Best quality with Hi8 is ideally using the S-Video lead connection for transfering the video from the camcorder, and using AV leads Red and White to transfer the audio, rather than using all AV leads, ie the yellow for Video and as mentioned the red and white for audio.

S-Video Hosiden lead for video transfer from Hi8

enter link description here

Double ended RCA AV cables

enter link description here

Ideally if you have a standalone dvd disk recorder these leads will do and the dvd recorder will do the conversion from analogue Hi8 signal to digital signal, if inputting into a computer you will need something that has the sockets required in and also does the converting from analogue to digital and you will need capture software that often comes bundled with pc video capture hardware.

I used to use a Pinnacle PCI TV tuner card for inputting video from my Hi8 camera, but as mentioned there are external usb devices that you can plug into, things like Dazzle are very popular, this youtube vid explains how and I think the leads needed probably come with this kind of product

enter link description here

It's much easier if you can get hold of a standalone DVD disk recorder with red yellow and white RCA input sockets and ideally an S-video socket for your video, as it will do the conversion analogue to digital which is hard work for a pc and also make a dvd disk for you.

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