[DELETED] 15:55 05 Sep 2003

When closing the pc after being blitzed on DFBHD online, i get a message that cpd.exe failed to shut down and sometimes ie6 does not close as should do..
Any ideas?

Not really a problem (yet!!) more of an inconvienience..


  [DELETED] 16:32 05 Sep 2003

According to click here cpd.exe is "Firewall bundled with McAfee VirusScan 6."

  [DELETED] 16:41 05 Sep 2003

cpd.exe is a trojan, you don't want it.

  [DELETED] 17:24 05 Sep 2003

An interesting forum thread on cpd.exe from click here

"I reinstalled MCcafe and checked the processes. I didnt find "MCUPDMGR.EXE" or "CPD.EXE".... So those processes which were hogging the resources were infact some kind of viruses or trojans... For now everything appears to be ok".

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