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  Joeyace 12:25 26 Nov 2004

I have been reading about the full programs, you supply this month in your cover disc mainly, PC Accelerator, Axelab Win Speedup & axelab XP Tuner.They seem excellent programs,but my questions are as follows.

1) Could all these 3 be installed without any clashes between them?
2) If you suspect there could be clashes between them, which would you advice not to be installed?
From my untrained point of view, I believe all of them are designed to basically improve perfomance and speed up your PC in one way or another.

I have XP Home installed, could you please advise.

P.S What do you think about Panda Internet security? I have the Platinum 7.0 version which is about to expire,and upgrading to the Internet security version which brings "everything" plus a few more features seems the logical step to do. Could I have your views on this?

Thankyou Joey
P.S (again) Fantastic mag, keep up the good work!!.

Thankyou Joey.

  Shas 13:29 26 Nov 2004

I have WIN 98SE so don't know if it's the same for XP, but half way through the optimisation feature in PC Accelerator, you get a WMI Communication Problem error message. The developers know about it and say that they are preparing an update and providing AutoUpdate is set to on, the update will be automatically downloaded and installed when ready, (have to say they are taking their time over it!)

Have WinSpeedup installed as well which found and got rid of some unnecessary stuff, and there seem to be no conflicts, but that may remain to be seen when/if PC Accelerator ever gets to function fully.

  Spanglish 14:24 26 Nov 2004

Though I can not assist you with the Programe Installation, re the Security have you tried Norton System Works 2004 ? I got it last week from E bay (click here) for £18 + £1 pp.

  Gbox 14:51 26 Nov 2004

I have installed and used both PC Accelerator and AxeLab XP Tuner. I run Win XP Home and so far have had no conflicts.

  Mango Grummit 17:25 26 Nov 2004

Sorry to butt in on Joey's thread but I think PC Accelerator is for XP use and WinSpeedup is what you need for your OS amongst others.

I'm prepared and willing to be corrected here as I don't use XP and have no need for WinSpeedup.

  Brumas 00:10 27 Nov 2004

I switched from the Norton Internet Security suite to Panda and found it to be a lot more 'user friendly'. It also updates the virus definitions daily which is a big plus point considering the alarming amount of new viruses.
P.S. 'She who must be obeyed' rather likes the little Panda icon too ;o)

  Shas 07:40 30 Nov 2004

(Also sorry to butt in on your thread Joey), but Mango, just checked on the disc and PC Accelerator does list 98 and 98SE as ok in the system requirements. As of yesterday they still hadn't got the blip sorted out though.

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