cover disc

  shelf stacker 22:42 06 Jun 2003

i have cover disc to download internet explorer 6.0 have put it in drive but nothing happens. i am not very confident with the computer so idiot speak only please

  Valvegrid 22:49 06 Jun 2003

It sounds like the system is not on Autorun, in other words its not detecting this disk, not a problem, tell us what Operating System your using i.e. Windows XP Windows 2000 etc and someone will talk you through it.


  shelf stacker 23:34 06 Jun 2003

thanks its 2000 me

  Ironman556 10:07 07 Jun 2003

Put the PCA Disc in, double click "My Computer". You should see your cd rom listed with "PCA_Jun03" (for example). Double click that.

The PCA disk may start from there, but if it doesn't you'll go into the folder with the CD content on.

In that folder you should see a pink/white icon (probably) labelled "master.exe". Double click it and that should get it working.

  shelf stacker 10:14 07 Jun 2003

got it thanks soooo much

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