Cover Disc

  laurie53 15:49 11 Aug 2008

I note that the latest cover disc includes AVG 8 Free.

This has been causing some people, including me, a lot of hassle recently.

Is the cover disc version a later, properly de-bugged, version?

  ^wave^ 16:05 11 Aug 2008

been using avg8 now for sometime winxp sp3 no probs at all but i do know of problems and a clean install sems to fix it delete avg 7.5 and then install avg 8

  johndrew 16:10 11 Aug 2008

I was wary of AVG 8 but decided to give it a go and downloaded it from their site. The version I have is 8.0.138 and, apart from the nags, is fine; even with the Link Scanner and Resident shield running.

The only thing that confused me initially was that at each boot (and even from Standby) it looks for updates and complains if it can`t connect.

The version on the cover disk appears to be the same as that I downloaded.

  laurie53 17:31 11 Aug 2008

I have been trying to use version 8.0.156 with very mixed results.

It's not too bad on the laptops, but on the desk top it slows everything to a crawl, particularly this site where individual pages take a minimum of 45 secs, and usually nearer a minute and a half, to load.

I tried uninstalling my firewall and removing any other av/spyware software and doing a totally clean install, but always with the same result.

I have now reverted to v 7.5.

  RickyC :-) 17:38 11 Aug 2008

The version on the cover disc is the most recent build that was available shortly before going to press. The version available from the AVG website is likely to be an updated version.

kind regards
Software Editor

  laurie53 19:28 11 Aug 2008

Thanks for that.

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