cover CD's-are they worth keeping

  six-h 17:48 15 Mar 2005

I've been subscribing to pca for about three years now, and thanks to the mag and the excellent support available on these pages, I've taken the plunge and bought a medion titanium 8080 pc in November 03.
since this time , i've been saving the cover discs in case I want to use any of them. Problem is most progs require online reg or activation.does this mean I can't use them as I'm not on the internet??

  six-h 17:49 15 Mar 2005

sorry for duplication,page froze during loading.

  seedie 18:02 15 Mar 2005

speaking generally, no. I Tend to be a bit of a hoarder and keep them just in case but every so often a carrier bag full goes to the skip-then the following week " that would have been useful" :)))


  EdFrench 18:08 15 Mar 2005



  ade.h 18:11 15 Mar 2005

I don't keep them, but I extract any really useful programs and utilities (Adobe, etc) from the CD and save them for future use. Much easier than hunting for a long lost CD while trying to remember which disc had which bit of software.

  Buchan 35 23:12 15 Mar 2005

I`m a bit of each. I tend to extract what I want, hoard the CD for a while then the carrier bag comes out. I`ve usually got 3 or 4 months worth saved.

  Completealias 00:50 16 Mar 2005

I keep them if any progs require online activation then I do this when I get the cd and keep the codes so that if I need to use in the future then I can ,

You can register some from a public connection such as down the library

  Jak_1 01:38 16 Mar 2005

I keep them.

  GRFT 12:08 16 Mar 2005

Fine so far, but in which recycling skip to you dispose of them?

  pj123 12:49 16 Mar 2005

I keep them for a while but have never used any of them yet. I usually take mine into my local charity shop. The magazine ends up in the Doctor's waiting room. (might make a few people think about buying it).

  six-h 19:35 16 Mar 2005

Thanks for that, I think I'll go with ade.h and Completealias, didn't know you could register some at the library, or possibly the college, where I most often access the net. Right, where did I put that carrier bag!!

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