Courtesy costs nothing!

  The Kestrel 14:25 21 Sep 2004

As someone who feels that they have limited experience with computers to offer advice very often, most of my postings to this forum have been requests for help. On every occasion, I have made a point of thanking those members who have given me advice and ticked the resolved box when my problem has been solved.

On Sunday there was one of those rare occasions where a thread was on a subject I felt I could offer some useful information on. This was a thread regarding which broadband supplier to use. Having recently migrated to broadband and being very satisfied with my provider, I added this information to the thread. Another 15 members also took time to contribute their advice.

I followed this thread to see how others thought about providers and to see what conclusions the originator came to. Since the original posting, the originator has failed to feedback to all of us who made the effort to offer him/her help. The resolved box also remains unticked - does this mean the member still requires more imput from other members of the forum?

It costs nothing other than a little time to send a brief resonse thanking contributers for their help, and then ticking the resolved box so as not to waste the time of more members.

  plsndrs3 14:43 21 Sep 2004

let people know how the matter was resolved as this could help if another forumite has the same problem & will help those people who offer help freely.


  €dstowe 14:54 21 Sep 2004

It is even worse when you get a blatant insult for the effort you've gone to in trying to help someone out. This has happened to me several times.

  Simon_P 15:22 21 Sep 2004

Ask a question and that is the last you ever hear, it’s a shame really because often the problem can be solved, maybe not easily but usually to a conclusion one way or another.

Thank you costs nothing and ticking the box is easy.

I have never been insulted (I think) and that should never happen, but I do have some question and then nothing threads.

Sometimes people just forget to tick, but some just don’t bother.

I think that it is good that you felt that you could help, everyone has to start learning, please don’t be put off if you think you have something to offer, even if your not 100% sure, say that you think it might be xxx it gives a different point of view and that is a good thing

Maybe should have been in sprakers corner though. :-)

  Magik ®© 15:32 21 Sep 2004

you have only to go back through your posts to see how many never come back, even if it was only to say "dont talk like an idiot" that would be better than nothing......I blame the parents..

  Quiller. 15:47 21 Sep 2004

Excellent post The Kestrel.

Although this has been brought up time and again, I think yours sums it up very well. As Simon7063 says, don't be put off if you receive no feedback, keep contributing to what you feel you can answer. Even confirmation of a helpers advice can prompt the person of a problem to go down that road.

Keep posting. :-))

  Stuartli 15:55 21 Sep 2004

It could just be that the thread originator is away for a short period or one of several possible other reasons.

  Simon_P 16:05 21 Sep 2004

I missed the title should have said” Some people" that would make more sense.

The parents! Magik ®© has a good point

Stuartli Some of my thread originators have been away for 2 years.

There does need to be a certain amount of patients but it is just inconsiderate to never say thanks or at least tick the box.

  bretsky 16:20 21 Sep 2004

Couldn't have put it better myself, and I would also add that, I and many others spend large amounts of our time researching these problems to which we do not charge for our services, we do it to help others with less experience in IT, and also it gives me self satisfaction knowing I have helped to solve a head ace/nightmare. Life is just one big learning curve.

The amount of times a thread is just ticked and no explanation is given whether the problem was sorted out or not is very annoying.

You have no idea what it feels like when somebody emails you to thank you for your hard work and persistence solving a problem.

A little thanks goes a long way!!!!

Yours an unemployed bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 16:24 21 Sep 2004

Sorry People, moan got off my chest.

bretsky ;0)

  JayDay 16:26 21 Sep 2004

Also....and this annoys me. Someone posts a question, numerous members offer advice (all different). The thread is marked as resolved but they don't mention which suggestion solved the problem.

When you search for a problem and find the relevant thread it would help to know which suggestion it was that worked.

Rant over!

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