A couple of questions, please

  Housten 17:06 08 Aug 2011

Good afternoon, I have two questions which some may consider time wasting, for which I apologise. The first question concerns the difference between a “differential” backup and an “incremental” backup – what is the difference? I thought I had worked it out a couple of times but then see something else, and I am back at square one. Initially I thought they were the same thing by different names – now I am confused and I am hoping someone will be able to give a definitive answer!! The second question concerns Acronis True Image; I had thought I had seen it somewhere for free, but if I did I can not now find it! Can someone, please, put me out of my misery and tell me if it can be obtained for free and, if so, from where. Many thanks in anticipation.

  bremner 17:57 08 Aug 2011

A differential backup backs up all changes since the last full back up.

An incremental backup backs up all changes since the last back up, whether the last back up was full or incremental

  Housten 18:02 08 Aug 2011


Thank you, I now see the difference between these.

  compumac 18:25 08 Aug 2011

Every now and again I have to think hard as to the difference between differential and incremental despite using them both in the past, though I now do Full backups of my data. I also use Allway Sync to keep a separate backup, this updates just the file that you have worked upon without adding to the overall size of the backup.

  Housten 22:54 08 Aug 2011


Good evening!,

Just being nosey, but you say you do full backups, might I ask with what? and how? And what is Allway Sync?

As I said just being nosey, but I would like to know best, and preferably free, programmes for backing up. Many thanks for your reply, anything else you can give will be very much appreciated.

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