Couple of questions about my PC... take a look...

  Dearersteak 13:58 28 Oct 2003

Hay all!...

Ok, couple of things i've been thinking about, so maybe you guys can help me out on a few... Feel free to anwser any that you know, but don't worry if your don't.

My first question is abit complicated.
I'm Running Xp Pro, and 2x 40Gig (Master - C:= 40Gig, Slave D: 20Gig, E:20Gig)

Now, i originally upgraded my machine from 98 to xp, but for some reason, in the process, my machine became a AT form factor. That is to say, that now, i get the "it is now safe to shut down your computer" screen, and then have to hit the button. Only slightly annoying, I know, but also, as a result, I?ve lots half my power setting options, and the ability to put my machine into stand by, which is far more annoying.
Now I already know for a fact, that the only way to resolve this is to re-install XP.
Thing is... all my Mother board drivers ech, are all on the recovery CD. If I install XP from a cleanly formatted hard drive, and let XP use its own drivers, the can I some how extract the drivers from the CD later...?

My second question follows on from my first. I've had my machine for nearly 3 years now, so its at the point, to where i have it exactly how I like it. Perfect... Is there any way, i can do a full back up, format like explained above, and fix that XP bug, but then restore the Backup, and not loss all my programs, settings, themes ech?

And my 3rd question is looking forward a bit. I run a 600 MHz Slot A Anthlon, so am looking to upgrade. But as i said above, don't want to lose all my stuff. I only intend to replace the MOBO, CPU and ram, (everything is has already been added to/replaced) If i was to get a net MOBO, could i still use the Old hard drive without formatting, and just install the new drivers on top...? If u get my drift?

Thanks for taking the time to read all of that!... should be plenty of spelling mistakes to keep you confused....


  IanNiblock 14:16 28 Oct 2003

In response to your first question - have a look here

click here

(I hope that link worked!!)

As far as the second question goes - we use click here at work, it seems very reliable, and not very expensive - I used it on my machine when we changed the hard drive - seemed to be relatively painless.

I'm not sure about the 3rd problem - but I'm sure somebody can help.

  A_World_Maker 14:28 28 Oct 2003

I would think, that providing your hard disc format is supported and set up correctly in the BIOS, is still ported as the Boot drive (Master C:) complete with operating system and sys files intact, you should have no problems. The speed of the old hard drive would be your only bottle neck.

  Dearersteak 14:38 28 Oct 2003

well, the machine came with a 12 Gig 5600RPM which i have replaced with a Westen digital 7200RPM, that is now my master, and not long ago, added a Maxto 40gig, 7200 as a slave, so again, thats not a problem. they only things that have'nt been replaced, are the CPU, Ram (but i have added to it greatly) MOBO, and graphic, which will all need to be done in one hit...

PS, Good links IanNiblock, still reading into them

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