Couple of mp3 queries

  paradiddle1984 17:25 20 Jun 2003

Hi, ive got some of my bands material on my pc and theres 2 things i need to do,

Turn the recorded volume up on them all so i can burn them on a cd so they can be played without having to pump the volume up on the hi fi

Cut a few seconds off the start of one of the tracks as its got some noise on that i dont want on the track

Can anyone help?

  pj123 17:39 20 Jun 2003

yes, go to click here and get LP Ripper and LP Recorder. I only use these programmes, LP Ripper allows you to set the start and end times. LP Recorder will record all your music on to the hard disk.

  paradiddle1984 17:41 20 Jun 2003

ive already got the musci on my harddrive, but it had to get transferred from the minidisc on a low volume coz it kept on peaking and distorting. I was hoping i could find a programme to turn all the master volumes up for each track before burning them

  leo49 17:43 20 Jun 2003

MP3DirectCut is a freebie from

click here

that'll do both little jobs.


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