Couple of mobile phone questions!!

  gazmix 18:14 02 Nov 2008

Do most mobiles mowadays come with the 'delivery report' option? or is it dependant on network or phone type.

I need the vibrate mode on mine cos of work, but of late its not as powerful a vibrate as usual!!, any ideas as to how i can remedy this, what it could be etc!!
The other day, my phone was exposed to the cold & some of the icons were dim or fragmented, i got the phone warm & all seemed ok, since then, the low vibrate tone has arrived!!, i wonder if the cold weather damaged the battery & therefor can't supply the power the vibrate needs, but can for other phone functions?


  Pineman100 19:21 02 Nov 2008

If you've got your phone on a contract and you've had it for a year or more, you can probably get a free upgrade.

  gazmix 11:21 03 Nov 2008

its PAYG & i've had it over a year!

  Pineman100 19:00 03 Nov 2008

As I'm sure you're aware, free upgrades don't apply to PAYG.

But if you suspect the battery, it might be cheaper to get a new battery than to buy a new phone.

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