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A couple of Lidl bargains

  Stuartli 14:22 09 Sep 2009

Many will be aware of what is tagged an audio/video grabber for capturing analogue audio or video in digital form.

The cost is usually around £35 to £40 but from next Monday (September 14th) Lidl is offering this device under its Silvercrest brand name (akin to Medion at Aldi) for just £16.99.

The 2.0 USB device has a video/audio port adaptor, S-Video cable, video cable, USB cable, stereo cinch cable, Scart adaptor and a CD-ROM containing drivers and CyberLink PowerDirector 7 video editing software.

Also going on sale is a reappearance of its premium inkjet photo paper (I find it excellent).

In glossy, fade resistant and waterproof 280gm form, sizes are A4 (50 sheets for £4.49) and 10cmx15cm at £3.99 for 100 sheets).

  Stuartli 15:47 09 Sep 2009

Bit more info:

click here

Remember that Lidl may not have the offer in some areas next week but the week after.

  johnnyrocker 19:52 09 Sep 2009

consumerwatch might have been a better place for this?


  Stuartli 11:37 10 Sep 2009

The leads are used in various combinattions - you could use the yellow (video) and white (usually black) for audio.

If your VCR really is pretty old, then it may well not be capable of stereo sound, hence the single audio lead (mono).

  Stuartli 14:02 10 Sep 2009

I don't know. I haven't used such a device although at the price I'm considering buying one.

By the way, the black connection plug on the Audio Grabber appears to be for S-Video (normally with audio jack plugs they are black and red for left and right hand stereo).

  tullie 07:53 22 Sep 2010

Did you mean Absolute?And what is rubbish?

  natdoor 21:11 22 Sep 2010

Stuartli's post is over a year old. I have not seen one from him for many months, even on topics relating to Panasonic TVs. I hope he is well too.

  woodchip 21:18 22 Sep 2010

You do not need to buy extra cables the one provided will work, I have one, but it came from Aldi. Think at the time I paid £19.99 It also as above as a button on it to grab photo frame. The Above poster is the one that's rubbish not the Item

  woodchip 19:44 10 Oct 2010

you can connect your dvd player to the pc using it or tv and capture video

  john bunyan 19:49 10 Oct 2010

I also wish Stuartli well and miss his expertise on TV's etc. Come back, all is forgiven!

  Stuartli 22:53 14 Oct 2010

I am alive and well but still very, very angry at being tagged as having made a comment that was completely misconstrued.

Blame the moderator for that - someone, in fact, who I believed was way above such a scenario.....

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