Couple of issues with my pc

  Kasia79 13:34 07 Jun 2017

Hi guys,I'm experiencing some weird issues with my desktop. opens up very slow (Windows 10) 2.sometimes it freezes with loud buzzing sound and needs to be resetted 3.when watching films,same thing happens,freezes for few secs 4.same thing happens when playing games. Got no idea what that could be,i've reinstalled windows,cleaned up everything inside,checked if it's overheating-it's not.Might it be ram problem,possible one of the sticks failure?...I would appreciate any suggestions.Thank you.

  onthelimit1 09:56 08 Jun 2017

You could test the RAM with the free MemTest.

  Kasia79 14:39 08 Jun 2017

That's what I did just now. MemTest showed no errors.I'm currently scanning the hard drive through Windows tool.

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