Couple of Hotmail problems

  cdb 21:26 27 Nov 2004

I don't know if Hotmail has done any upgrades, but I have the following problems that have just appeared.
1) If I try to forward an e-mail with an attatchment, the hotmail virus checker pops up and the window starts flashing and seems to do nothing else.
2) I can't now delete junk mail. When I select delete a window pops up asking if I want to delete the mail and asking if I want to report junk email, but when I select ok nothing happens.

If I send the error report, it comes back with a link for a newer version of the software, but funny old thing, you need to subscribe to this software, which I aren't prepared to do just yet.

Any ideas on other ways to fix it or fo I just wait until Hotmail fix it?

WinXP, MSN explorer 7
Thank you

  cdb 19:36 28 Nov 2004


  john-232317 21:49 28 Nov 2004

Open a new account and see if you can send them with that, if not it may be hotmail, or if they go its your account

  john-232317 23:08 28 Nov 2004

Or try downloading messenger again.

  cdb 23:55 28 Nov 2004

Just been doing a couple of things on my brothers pc and it was doing exactly the same on his email account.

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