A couple of excel 2010 questions

  awest3 15:51 27 Aug 2011

I'd like excel to open in File view rather than Home. 99/100 I want to work on an existing previously opened file.. is this possible?

Also I keep losing my recently used workbooks list. I'm assuming its something I'm running but can't find out what...any ideas..?

I do run CCleaner frequently but I've tested this and it has no effect.


  TonyV 16:00 27 Aug 2011


I don't know about Excel 2010, but if you go to the Start icon (Top Left) in 2007 Excel and click on the Advanced link, then traverse down to General and look at Start up. That will probably help you.


  TonyV 16:05 27 Aug 2011


Sorry, after clicking on the Start Icon, click on Excel Options first then do the bit I suggest!


  awest3 16:19 27 Aug 2011

Hi, Thanks for this. I can't see a start button but I've looked in options and general but there is'nt a start up option that I can see.

  TonyV 16:23 27 Aug 2011


By Start Button I mean the one that is Top Left Hand Side (Coloured), click that then go to Excel Options. Having said that, the layout for 2010 is probably somewhat different to that of 2007, in which case I can't be of any further use. Hope you get it sorted!


  TonyV 16:28 27 Aug 2011


I have to say that in just checking with CCleaner, it did in-fact, take all the recently opened files from the Recently opened list in Excel 2007.


  awest3 16:32 27 Aug 2011

Thats right. but you can turn it off in the options area so that it ignores ms office.


  TonyV 19:36 27 Aug 2011


That was something I hadn't thought of, though have to admit, it doesn't matter an awful lot to me whether the recently opened files are are showing or not these days!



  awest3 17:30 31 Aug 2011

I think I've found the culprit. Its very similar to the CCleaner solution. I also run Advanced system care now and again. It also has an option to turn off its affect on MS office programs. Not had a problem since I adjusted it.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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