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  Confab 13:28 15 Feb 2003

I have a 512K broadband ADSL connection and supposing that my ISP said that I could download a maximum of 1GB of data per day. If I started a download, and my modem and connection were working at maximum speeds, in theory EXACTLY how much time would elapse before I reached the 1GB download limit.

Thanks in advance,


  recap 13:39 15 Feb 2003

I think it all depends on when your ISP starts their 24hr period Amber-Shortie. It could be midnight to midnight, or, mid-day to mid-day. I would ask your ISP when their 24hr period begins.

  PSF 13:43 15 Feb 2003

I am on NTL 600k, I can download roughly 240mb in 1 hour, and so 1 gig would be approx 4 1/2hours.

The speed does vary depending on load at the time.
When I downloaded 3DMark03 the other day it was running at 38-44 KBS and it took 1hr 5 mins to download the 171 mb file.

When It was 512 the download was approx 3.8mb/min now NTL have changed it to 600k I get approx 4.1 mb/min.

  woodchip 14:50 15 Feb 2003

Does the above take into account that when you use the net your computer downloads web pages I would think that this is included in the 1Gb

  cream. 15:14 15 Feb 2003


In theory I think the calculation should be;

You divide your connection speed by 8, i.e. 512 / 8 = 64 kb.p.s. in a perfect environment.

You want to download 1,000,000 kb's so 1 million divide by 64 = 15625 seconds

or 4hours 20.41 seconds.

Give or take a couple of hours? lol

  professor 15:33 15 Feb 2003

y bother with broadband? i use a v92 modem combined with tesconet anytime and i get a stable download rate of around 26kbs-which is more than enough for almost any file and y bother downloading 3dmark03 when if you want to show off your G.card you can download freshdiagnose which is just as good and much smaller-about 1.5mb

go to click here theyve got all sorts of good things on their site

  woodchip 15:37 15 Feb 2003

You will not be able to download 1Gb file as you would have used more than your allotted quarter, as above to improve on this turn viewing pictures of in browser settings and save web pages to your hard drive

  Confab 17:22 15 Feb 2003

but this was a question about a hypothetical scenario and not about the real world. Thanks to the village idiot for your answer but aren't there 8,589,934,592 bits or 1,073,741,824 bytes or 1,048,576 Kilobytes or 1,024 megabytes in a Gigabyte so you would get a slightly different answer, or am I wrong?

In any case my ISP isn't about to restrict my downloads as far as I know. This was just a discussion between friends.



  cream. 18:46 15 Feb 2003


Yes you are right. I based my calculation on a basic 1gig,1,000,000 kilobytes, so as not to confuse the matter.

The variable here of 1,000,000kb's to 1,048,576 kbs, is much less than the actual, normal, connection speed of not divided by 8 in a perfect world but more like 10.

So theoretically your download may be as quick as 15625 seconds, but it is more likely to be;

512kb divided by 10= 51.2kb divided into 1,048,576 giving you a pure download time of 20480 seconds or 5.688888888 hours.


  Spook Tooth 20:39 15 Feb 2003

I ended up with 5000+ hours, just as well nobody relies on my math skills!

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