Could a virus cause please. many thanks

  bof:) 22:33 20 Dec 2003

Hi All,

A neighbour rang last night to say that she could not get onto the internet at all with MSN or Homail because she kept getting a 'cannot connect because you are behind a fire wall' message.

I talked her through deleting ZA and she still had the 'cannot connect cos behind firewall...from MSN.

Also any other website she tried to use resulted in a page not found message.

She is using win98 or ME (not sure) and has the free version of ZA and AVG on her pc.

AVG has not been updated for at least 6 months even though it was set to auto update. When she tried to update AVG it said 'unable to connect to the internet'.

She ran Ad aware and found 150 items to be deleated. So she deleted these.

After rebooting her modem (NTL Broadband) she was able to connect to so I asked her to search for Housecall the virus checker but she could not access the site.

When she went into start menu there were references to 'registery machine' next to almost every item in the menu.

So, is this a virus? If so how do I get an uptodate version of AVG on to her pc ? or get Housecall to run? Or indeed 'the cleaner' to look for trojans.

Or could it simply be something else? Should I look in device manager (as I forgot).

Many thanks for any ideas. I would be most grateful as usual,


  ton 23:12 20 Dec 2003

I don't know if this is a virus but you could download stinger for her from click here

This will detect and get rid of a lot them.

If this is no help it will at least put you back at the top of the page.

  Steven135 23:26 20 Dec 2003

After all the hassle perhaps its time to back up her documents and go for a fresh start by re-installing or if she has a restore disk take it back to factory condition.

  ahales42 00:29 21 Dec 2003

I get this with aol BB. does msn messenger load up automatically? or do you run it yourself?

  bof:) 01:18 21 Dec 2003

Hi All,

In answer to your help so far:

ton,I never thought of trying Stinger. I will see if she is able to connect to the stinger website.

Steven135, the PC was purchased with help from another neighbour and as such came with no disks what so ever. So a format seems unlikely.

Also she is on a very tight budget so even purchasing a new copy of 1in98 would be difficult.

ahales42, msn was set to connect when pc started but gave 'behind firewall' message.

After setting msn to start up manually it connected the 1st time but on trying a 2nd connection it said 'unable to connect as behind firewall'.

Thanks for all of your help so far,


  bof:) 01:20 21 Dec 2003

ps is it possible to download AVG and all of its update to a cd and run them from the cd rom?


  hugh-265156 01:30 21 Dec 2003

if she has windows me try a system restore to when it worked ok.

  ahales42 02:00 21 Dec 2003

don`t think it`s a virus. sounds more like a firewall prob. with ntl, make sure that there is only one firewall running. Do you have ZA or similar?

  Andsome 08:49 21 Dec 2003

The NTL broadband telephone helpline is only the cost of a local call 24 hours per day. The number is on the CD box. Why on earth not contact them first, thats what they are there for?

  Valvegrid 08:58 21 Dec 2003

You may try to get her to reduce the ZoneAlarm setting down to Medium from High, I had a problem with it on high with NTL because the server doesn't know you're there if you are running under full stealth mode.

  bof:) 11:37 21 Dec 2003

Hi All,

the problem is still there after I'd uninstalled Zone alarm and gone through the registery.

Andsome I did not think that the NTL tech support worked after the evening on Saturday and not at all on Sunday....if I'm wrong I will give them a try.

I did think though that I'd try hear 1st just in case I'd missed something that others could spot.


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