could this speed up my pc?

  User-6355CE8D-1E97-4543-833893AA7598EA5F 23:05 29 Dec 2003

(from an earlier item)The little information I have on USB and modems is that your USB ports will deliver 500m/amps of power with a +/- of 5 m/amps. The Voyager modem is a good quality modem but at times will require the full 500 or slightly more.

If your USB is only providing 495 m/amps this will lead to your connection dropping. One way round this is to buy a Powered hub. Connect the modem to the hub and the hub to one of your existing USB ports. This will provide full power to the modem at all times and give you an extra 3 ports to use as well. Cost approximately £20.00.

  [email protected]@m 23:09 29 Dec 2003



[email protected]@M,you were involed in that last item...

  Jester2K 07:42 30 Dec 2003
  Djohn 10:20 30 Dec 2003

click here I think this is from a thread I contributed to!

Not sure what it is you are asking though flashbackagain !

Regards. j.

Djohn it is a post you made to a thread...I have a voyager modem,was wondering if a powered hub would help it in any way regarding power and speed?

  DieSse 11:40 30 Dec 2003

I can't see it has anything to do with speed.

  Djohn 12:41 30 Dec 2003

flashbackagain, Sorry for the delay in answering again, Had to pop out. As DieSse says, it will not help in increasing your speed in any way.

A powered hub is usually recommended if you keep dropping your connection due to an underpowered USB slot on your PC, or if several other USB hardware items are also connected through the ports.

Are you experiencing a low connection speed? have you done a speed test from here and if so what are the results? click here

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:45 30 Dec 2003

I have the voyager 100 running ok on my usb pc port,and i 4 port hub pligged in to the other they all provide 500ma as far as i know never checked but the hub was only 8 quid so cant moan.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:50 30 Dec 2003

As for the speed i agree with Djohn check your line or ring your isp they should be able to test it for you,some isps like BT give you a Help test that you can run online and if it finds problems it tries to revert back to your old settings,the ones it took when you set it up first time around.


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