Could someoneexplain.. hiding IP and recommend...

  know_nowt 20:59 19 Apr 2009

i have noticed that my IP comes up on a forum site, whereas others are "unknown unknown" why is this???? i thought some software 'hidemyip' would sort the problem, and i downloaded a trial version, however my IP still comes up on this site..i am confused?!?!? my ip is firefox by the way.

is there any way i can block these sites / forums whatever from knowing my IP..?? and could anyone recommend a something... something free would be good :) i am running vista...

thanks everyone!

  bobbybowls 21:05 19 Apr 2009

your ip is not firefox. firefox is your browser,your ip is whoever provides your internet service eg bt,aol etc.

  know_nowt 21:19 19 Apr 2009

oops sorry i am thick!... ok then my browser, how do they know this? and is there a way of blocking it??

  OTT_Buzzard 21:36 19 Apr 2009

There used to be a subscription service (can't remember what it was called) which you essenstially do all your web surfing through. I.e. when you go to a web address, you go through their servers and all the site gets is the 3rd party server IP address.
Why do you want to hide your IP? There's really no major security concerns with having it 'readable'.

  know_nowt 21:40 19 Apr 2009

i just thought it odd that some were unknown while others were displayed,,, i just wondered why?

  OTT_Buzzard 21:42 19 Apr 2009

Probably just the way that the site is attempting to read your IP address. Wouldn't worry about it!

  brundle 21:43 19 Apr 2009

Presumably you see your own IP address, others see their own but not yours. It's normal and nothing to be concerned about. Some forums use members' IP address to block users that are abusive or break the forum rules.

  grey george 21:56 19 Apr 2009

As brundle has said you see your details. ip is your Internet protocol address these are often dynamic. ie each time you go on the net you get a different ip address. It is your isp / Internet service provider that assigns your ip address. If you use zonealarm firewall it will block the last digits of your ip address when appropriate or all time if you select it. However many sites like to know who is visiting them so blocking your ip may deny you access to the site.

  know_nowt 22:05 19 Apr 2009

Brundle... no i can see some users, while others remain either anonymous or unknown,,, which got me wondering...

Grey, thanks for clearing that up.. i used to have zone alarm not i have comodo.. does that do the same? sorry to be so dull!!

  Quiller. 22:09 19 Apr 2009

Some are free if you look around for * public proxy servers *

By altering your network settings yo could pick a public proxy server in say Jakarta or Hong Kong or Liverpool. So you destination server will see your location and IP address from there. So you send a request from your computer, it is routed via a proxy server and the proxy server makes the request to the host machine. The host machine sends data back via the proxy server to your machine, so you are, in theory, here

The problem is most IT professionals and web site builders know about proxy servers and have lists on those sites.

  know_nowt 22:14 19 Apr 2009

ahhhh cheers BSOD!!! i see what you mean... ok i am gonna try that, i realise now its not a security issue, but i just dont feel comfortable being identified i mean "vista firefox 3" how do they know this stuff??? it really is hard being this stupid :(

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