could not activate xp

  MorningBard 09:49 16 Oct 2004

Thank you to the people who helped me with my cd drive problem last time
My daughter had xp put on her pc when she tried to activate was told it had been activated too many times. Brought to dad of course and I have tried reformatting and partioning the c drive to install windows 2000. It gets as far as installing keyboard mouse etc then get a blue screen with "Hardware failure contact your vendor"..... any suggestions please

  gold 47 10:17 16 Oct 2004

Why are you formating the Hard drive?? stick a W98 OR WME floppy in on boot up choose without cd rom support on the A:\ prompt type FDISK delete the none dos partition and put in the W2000 disk it will format the drive for you like WXP does.
I assume you are using NTFS and not FAT32.
If you have activated your copy of WXP to many times just ring the activation support line and say you have major promblems with your pc they will give you a new key i have never had a problem
with them.
Are you using a USB mouse and keyboard?

  JonnyTub 10:18 16 Oct 2004

remove all unneccessary hardware to install windows and try again.

  MorningBard 16:43 16 Oct 2004

tried all suggestions removed everything from pc except floppy and cd drive amd also fdisked but still get "hardware malfunction" error message

  MorningBard 10:04 17 Oct 2004

bump ....still no success on installing windows 2000 have tried fdisk as suggested by gold47 and removing all unnecessary hardward as suggested by Jonnytub but both end in the message "hardware malfunction" I'm not giving up yet!!! any more ideas or suggestions please

  JonnyTub 10:08 17 Oct 2004

Is that all you get "hardware malfunction"?

Is there anything more specific, try a different cd drive, at what point exactly does the error message come up?

Remove the floppy as well and boot from cd

  MorningBard 10:14 17 Oct 2004

Jonnytub the full message is on a blue screen and is "Hardware malfunction contact hardware supplier or consult manual" and it comes approximately half way through windows setting up hardware devices keyboard mouse etc screen flickers a few times then blue error screen ..will try without floppy and use my own cd drive to make sure ... thanks so far for help

  JonnyTub 10:16 17 Oct 2004
  JonnyTub 10:20 17 Oct 2004

Another suggestion would be to try memory that you know is working, possibly from your pc, if your using an agp or pci graphics card and the motherboard has onboard, use the onboard and remove the graphics card. Or use your own graphics card from your pc.

Disable any kind of bios integrated antivirus software.

  Quickbeam 10:52 17 Oct 2004

With reference to your original 'XP activated too many times' problem... I too had this when I'd reinstalled XP several times due to sp2 conflicts in a short space of time. I then used the automated phone activation (think it took 3 or 4 attemts) to get it reactivated. I think the several attempts to activate by phone must be to discourage unauthorized multiple installs. Anyway, when I then got it activated I made a PQ Drive Image of the activated, but basic install so I can go back to a basic, but activated install state without the reactivating problems.

  MorningBard 15:38 17 Oct 2004

Well i've tried all you suggested Jonnytub even swapped my cd drive and ram and graphics card over but still get the same message really at a loss now as it said on that site could be a motherboard problem but how do i test for that one

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