Could my MSN be hacked?

  snowy30 01:26 27 Dec 2007

My friend's MSN account has been hacked. At first I thought it was her online when I said 'hello..' but it was the hacker. I know how my friend types, so I know if it's her or not. It's happened before, someone hacked into her previous account and now has done the same to this one. Will they be able to hack into my account through MSN Instant Messenger? I got worried they will and changed my password to a more complex one. It's not a random attack, I think somebody has a vendetta against her.

  User-312386 07:00 27 Dec 2007

By any chance does "your friend" talk to you and then try and send you a file?

If so then your friend has a virus and her computer needs virus scanning

If you have accepted a file from her, then you will have to scan your PC as well for viruses


  rdave13 08:46 27 Dec 2007

It seem that this kind of attack isn't uncommon.
click here
Becaust it's MSN try running a scan from live onecare; click here .

  snowy30 00:21 28 Dec 2007

No, there are no links or files involved, thankfully. It's just someone else is unofficially using her account, whoever it is has also got into her brother's account. Whereas I thought it was her the other night it was the hacker. Last night - Wednesday night - she was on-line, I know it was her cos of the way she types as I mention above, she tells me after 2mins or so she gets disconnected and when she tries to reconnect it says the password is incorrect....I spoke to her for about 2mins then, then I think someone else hacked in, cos it wasn't her; either that or she's a Jekyll and Hyde character lol

  rdave13 00:59 28 Dec 2007

Tell them to run the scan from the link pronto. They must use internet explorer browser to run the live onecare scanner.
Leave one virus on a PC and many more will follow the weakness. It's a hackers dream if not at least fought off.

  snowy30 01:10 28 Dec 2007

I forgot to mention they logged into her Ebay account as well, bidding for items.

  rdave13 01:36 28 Dec 2007

She's well and trully hacked then. Hope she's notified ebay. Ask her to run her antivirus, and all the other anti's in safe mode. Uninstall MSN. Delete any auto form fill in any browser.

  Robotic_Rob 01:41 28 Dec 2007

You shouldn't leave any personal details like that where someone else can hack into it. I never store or even type any details about anything important on my computer.

When i was in school i use to find out peoples passwords for msn. When i went on their msn accounts i would never type the same as i do normally, so people wouldn't be able to guess who i was.

Its weird how someone managed to hack into her and her brothers account(doubt its by fluke of the hacker). So i think its either some form of virus on the computer or someone that they know is playing around with their accounts.

  p;3 01:51 28 Dec 2007

sounds as though she needs the computer to have a thorough health check on one of the specialist forums such as

click here


click here

may be you could point her in the direction of one of them as you have no idea of what damage etc has been done to her computer or her identity or on line security by this apparent attack; and one hopes that she is NOT using any instant messaging or emailing now she knows she IS infected??

  snowy30 01:51 28 Dec 2007

She has notified Ebay and the sellers of the situation. And she has an idea who it is, someone she used to know I think.

But the question remains, could the hacker pick up on my password through MSN Instant Messenger?

  snowy30 01:57 28 Dec 2007

After her previous account got hack by the same hacker, she did have her computer sorted. I know it's the same one as before because I bluntly asked if it was the same one that hacked into her previous account to which they mentioned of an email they sent ridiculing her.

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