Could this issue be a bad power supply?

  Keeny1975 10:39 04 Apr 2018

My pc doesn’t recognise my dvd room if I have a master and space hdd plugged in. alternatively it doesn’t recognise my slave drive if I have my master hdd and dvd rom plugged in. Also I have to click my mouse 3 or 4 times before the click registers.

All the devices have power but struggle to get recognised. Is this a power supply issue? I also noticed my graphics card fans slow to a stop if all 3 are drives are plugged in. None of the other fans struggle.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:25 04 Apr 2018

Certainly sounds like a power problem you could try monitoring the voltages with click here

  Menzie 01:26 05 Apr 2018

It sounds like you are using IDE drives judging by your Slave/ Master configuration.

Has this issue always been present or did it recently surface?

How are the drives connected? Do you have the Hard drives on one channel as slave and master, then the DVD drive on another channel as Master? Ideally you want the HDDs on the same channel, quite rusty with my IDE knowledge but I recall performance slowing down to around the slowest device on the chain.

Also the settings may have become corrupted and the device is running in PIO mode rather than DMA. This may result in conflicts, responsiveness and speed issues.

To change the setting back to DMA if it has become PIO a guide is here from Microsoft's website.

  Keeny1975 05:28 05 Apr 2018

all the drives are SATA. i used to have 4 hdd's and 2 dvd roms and it all used to work fine apart from one of the hdd's was hit and miss on accessing it.but this problem all started when i plugged in a nvidia 1080ti graphics card.

if it is a the power supply i was looking at one of these. is it any good? i don't mind it it will only be good for a couple of years as long as it does the job for now. obviously the price is whats making me second guess.

click here for your help Menzie.



  alanrwood 09:53 05 Apr 2018

What power rating is your current PSU.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 05 Apr 2018

this problem all started when i plugged in a nvidia 1080ti graphics card.

certainly sounds as if your power supply is not up to the job but the one you linked to may be far more than you require at 1800W

  Menzie 19:10 05 Apr 2018

The wattage on the power supply is good but personally I wouldn't trust it. If you're powering a PC that has a 1080ti and I'm assuming other pricey components I would go with a good Power Supply from a reputable manufacturer such as Corsair or Coolermaster.

650W 80%+ Bronze Rated should do the trick.

Something like this.

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