Could I send an application as an attachment

  dunderheid 12:39 11 Feb 2010

Could I send an application I have downloaded such as AVG Free and Online Armor as attachments to another PC and very importlantly would they work after being installed on the other PC?

  retep888 12:46 11 Feb 2010

You'll mostly find that your mailer refuse to attach a file with .exe extension, instead send your friend with a link to the application.

Like this click here

  dunderheid 13:47 11 Feb 2010

Please excuse the delay in replying, my connection could not have gone down at a worse time.

I thought there would have been some sort of difficulty sending an application by email such as you describe. Hence the reason for making the post.

In case you are wondering why I should want to do this. The applications in question are for my sister's PC and she hasn't got her broadband connection set up from talktalk yet!

  retep888 13:55 11 Feb 2010

Download all the applications and burn them onto a CD/DVD and post it to her.

  JohnWilliams 13:59 11 Feb 2010

If she hasn't got broadband set up, how would she have received your email with the attachment?

  dunderheid 14:06 11 Feb 2010

John Williams
At present she has got one of these things you plug into a USB port where you pay for the time you are online in advance. I'm not technically savvy enough to describe it. I didn't even know such a thing existed!

She is awaiting her Welcome Pack from talktalk, the phone is set up but not the broadband

  iscanut 14:12 11 Feb 2010

As retep888 says, copy the file(s) to a CD or onto a USB memory stick. I don't know if it would work, but try changing the file extension from /exe to .xxx and then if and when received at the other end, change it back again. Anyone know if that would work ?

  retep888 14:17 11 Feb 2010

Just download the aplications and burn/copy files to CD/DVD or USB stick if you prefer.

Don't need to change anything on the files,just click and run the applications setup.

  skeletal 14:24 11 Feb 2010

Changing the file extension can work (obviously you have to change it back at the receiving end!). However, this will depend on your ISP and what software you have to collect emails.

You can also zip them, and indeed, change the extension and then zip them!

I have successfully used these techniques in the past, but “detection” software is getting “better” (or in my opinion “worse”) in this respect and can tell the file is .exe even if the extension is changed.

I often send .mdb files which are normally stopped, but changing the extension then allows them through. However, I have recently had an email from Virgin that “to improve customer service” they are now looking out for the above tricks. This makes my “customer service” much worse of course!

The simple answer is to try it and see what happens.

I would zip it anyway to reduce file size.


  dunderheid 14:28 11 Feb 2010

Could a "memory stick Pro" of the type used in a Sony Digital camera in conjunction with a memory card reader be used?

Excuse me for appearing a numpty I don't have much of a clue about these things!

  Technotiger 14:30 11 Feb 2010

In retep888's link in the post at 12:46, click on the little envelope (email) icon just above the Screenshots, about half way down the page - that will open a small window, so you can email a friend!

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