Could I have some opinions on if this is good idea or may turn out a bit confusing for my website?

  Jwbjnwolf 20:51 11 Feb 2013

On my Website I have decided to put the disqus commenting system (as for feedback) in the footer of the site. I think it is a good idea, but I'm not too sure if it may turn out a bit confusing? What is your opinions? As for a professional site kind of point of view, a site you'd go to every day such as here, what do you think of this idea? Unique, clever, convenient, confusing, not a good idea?

I feel I am improving such a lot with my websites, and looking back at the very first website I made back in 2010, to how I am now making websites, I just don't recognise it as a site I may of made lol. I know I am using website builders so I'm not actually making the site, I'm just well doing everything other than the coding and having it on my own server, so I'm basically designing and //i think I am getting better with designing my sites.

Thanks for any feedback, (hoping you FE as you are experienced with websites so you will be able to give a clear answer if having the commenting system how I've put it is a good idea)

Jase Wolf

  Forum Editor 22:49 11 Feb 2013

What is it that you expect people to comment on?

One of the problems with inviting feedback in this way is that you'll be open to abuse. You're running the risk that people will simply use false email addresses, and leave inappropriate messages.

If you want to invite discussions about the subject matter on your site you would be better to use a forum system that requires a registration process.

  Jwbjnwolf 23:12 11 Feb 2013

Well feedback as for my articles etc such as the second page in the nav bar (suicide is a lie), which is the top hit of the site and I thought that if I have disqus there in the footer, then people are more likely to give feedback because the comment box is more noticeable. Any abusive/spammy messages I just get rid of as soon as they appear. Maybe I will end up changing the setting to you have to log in to comment when my site becomes a lot more popular, but for the mean time whilst I have actually not much traffic without referring my followers to things on my site etc, then those that do comment, most likely most the messages are going to be thank yous etc, and I thought that having lots of those comments viewable in the footer of the website, then that might actually attract vistors that came across my site because they will notice the comments and then take a deeper look into the site at the things I post, which may turn out really really good. The kind of idea I've got in mind is have the comments kinda do the same thing as reviews. Because when you go to get an app or something, you look at the reviews first normally, and if they very good then you'll try it, and same with my site, visitors will see the comments, all the nice things peopl have said about how helpful my content is etc, and they will have a deeper look, because I know that a lot, they go to a site, and then come straight out of it, but if the comments catch their eye etc, then they won't go so quickly.

Just not sure if that having a comment thread there might actually turn out a bit confusing, but I guess that the best way is to test it, but just wanted opinions.

Sorry if I wrote this well over winded

  Jwbjnwolf 23:15 11 Feb 2013

Also, regarding fake email addresses etc, if someone posts abuse or spam, disqus allows me to see the commenters IP address, so I could easily block by ip addresses.

  Jwbjnwolf 08:42 12 Feb 2013

Wow, something cool I've found out about disqus being in the footer is that it seems like although it is exactly the same element all other, rather than unique for each page, it seems that the comments are unique for the page as what I wrote on the homepage only shows on the homepage and then something wrote on my blog page only shows on the blog page. Wow, that is clever, so it shouldn't become confusing what so ever then :D bye bye weebly comment system, hello disqus :D much prefer disqus to any other commenting system and am so glad I've been able to implement it in my site like this. If any problems appear due to it all being the same code, then no worries, I'll just turn the weebly commenting system back on, but wow, I really wanted disqus to be for each blog post/article I put on my site and now I can have it without keep adding it for each one manually. So pleased with that :D so that's nice that not everything will show up on every page.

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