Could I have an incurable virus?

  NinkyRudes 12:37 18 Jun 2003

I have what seems to be an incurable virus. I run Windows ME, and use AVG free-edition virus software, which I keep up to date. Just now, AVG reported a worm called Banuris ? I can?t find any information on this worm on the web.

My problem is this: the infected file is in the C:\_RESTORE\TEMP\ folder, the file in question is called A0054346.CPY and seems to be in constant use by the system. When AVG tries to move it, it reports that the file cannot be removed. Likewise, when I tried to manually remove the file, I was told it was in use. This also occurred in safe mode.

Admittedly, the computer seems to be functioning fine, but as I?m sure you?ll understand, I don?t want a worm residing on a system file. Any suggestions?

  VoG® 12:39 18 Jun 2003

You need to disable System Restore, run AVG again (shouldn't find anything) then re-enable System Restore.

NOTE: this will delete all your existing Restore Points. click here

  DieSse 12:40 18 Jun 2003

AVG (and any other AV program), cannot get into the Restore folder, as it is protected by Windows. Thus you have the following courses open to you.

Ignore it - in time it will get overwritten by new restore data - but you are in danger if you need to do a restaore in the meantime.

Close down the Retsore facility, which deletes all the restore info - then reboot and restup Restore - you will get a new, claen, restore folder.

  graham√ 14:15 18 Jun 2003

Hope you don't mind me pointing you towards the apostrophe ('), it's just above the ? and doesn't need the shift key.

  VoG® 14:23 18 Jun 2003


  beeuuem 14:50 18 Jun 2003

I noticed on one of my recent 'posts' the all the apostrophes had changed from ' to ? I put this down to the server changes /Opera.

  graham√ 15:02 18 Jun 2003

If what beeuuem says is happening to your post, my apologies. :-(

  NinkyRudes 15:30 18 Jun 2003

Sorry it took so long to get back, my car is giving me problems at the moment! I don't know why my apostrophes are appearing as question marks - I'm definitely typing them correctly.

Thanks again VoG®, I felt that this was the easiest course of action, and it worked fine.

  NinkyRudes 15:32 18 Jun 2003

P.S. the syntax error seems to have been resolved now.

  canard 15:33 18 Jun 2003

click here
Process Viewer will tell you what you have running and in a drop down menu there is a KILL option which will stop your pest from running after which you can eliminate it.

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