Could bt business line be split with my home line

  Lt ripley 12:52 03 Jan 2009

I am sure someone out there will know more than me. I have a home line with broadband both supplied by Talk Talk. My company decided I needed a business line and access to the internet, BT is the supplier of the business line. The BT engineer came and fitted the socket for the business phone and broadband, I have plugged in my broadband and it wont connect, although I have a dialling tone on the business phone. I am using a new Thomson plusnet wireless modem. Out of curiosity I had a look at the socket and here is where it gets confusing. The BT business socket is wired in to my home master socket. I am sure the two should be completely seperate also I am beginning to think that maybe BT have split the line and that is why I cannot access my company internet (which should be wireless) any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.

  Lt ripley 13:07 03 Jan 2009

I have just read this over and would like to add to the first line, in that I basically do not have the foggiest when it comes to technical matters.

  wiz-king 13:19 03 Jan 2009

Most houses have more that one pair of phone line unless fed from overground lines but only one pair will be connected, so it is easy to install another line up the same cable. BT should have supplied a hub for the new broadband or at least given you the user name and password which you will need to use the broadband.

  Lt ripley 14:06 03 Jan 2009

BT supplied a Thomson plusnet which on the face of it seems to be quite good. However they didn't supply any paperwork so I didn't have a 'go live' date and had to phone up for my username and password. Technical support said that I would be able to connect to Broadband on the 2nd Jan but of course its just not connecting. It seems as though there is a fault with the second box or Bt are telling porkies.

Thanks for the replies

  ambra4 14:15 03 Jan 2009

Take a read here

Thomson 4 Port Wireless Router Setup Problems

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  Lt ripley 14:44 03 Jan 2009

Having just spent the best part of half an hour on the phone to BT, despite their having said that broadband would be connected on the 2nd Jan their technical department informs me that there isno broadband associated with the business line. So the problem lies with BT......................... and I guess that means several hours on the telephone to try and sort this

Thanks for the responses

  audeal 22:45 03 Jan 2009

As for BT telling Porkies, They phoned me on several occasions telling me that my line had been upgraded to 8mb and would I change to BT Broandband. When I checked the line it was still 1mb, so I wonder what happened to the other 7 mb.

Now I have dumped them.

  Lt ripley 15:11 04 Jan 2009

I only suspect BT of 'possibly' telling porkies because they installed the business line fully aware of the requirements, they supplied the broadband router, they supplied, albeit at my request, my broadband username and password and their technical support gave me a broadband live date of the 2nd January, and yes the correct paperwork was submitted by my company and as a manager at this multi national company I was deemed fit to be given the logins etc. So I was extremely disheartened to discover that with all this in place it wasn't technical errors that have caused my lack of broadband but it is just a matter of BT doing the left hand and right hand bit.

Thankfully this is a business line and it will be my employers who will have to remedy the situation.

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