Could this be a virus, screen has these lines

  erkmatrix 08:53 15 Feb 2009

I've just noticed last night my PC has these lines, like wavey line similar to tv used to get going up and down when atmospherics. Thought it was just the browser but its on every window that opens you can still see them. Its very strange, I've tried the monitor but that works on another PC fine.

Might not be related but it was also doing something very strange last night. I was on Windows Explorer 6 and when I clicked on a link that opened up a site, even pressing the home page button it opened that site in firefox 3. How could that happen, it must be some sort of virus right. Very strange.

  birdface 09:07 15 Feb 2009

It may be your Graphics driver needing updated.I take it you have run all your security programs.

  erkmatrix 09:25 15 Feb 2009

Hi I'll try that, Yeah I have Avast anti virus, haven't done a scan cause it takes so long but will do if it isn't the graphics driver, I also have superantispyware and spyware blaster (fully enabled) and superanti says no harmfull stuff on it.

the firefox opening though when in explorer is a strange one isn't it. I don't normally use explorer but I have a add on in firefox called no squint and it distorted this website built with flash so I wanted to see what it was like in explorer.

  VoG II 09:33 15 Feb 2009

If Firefox is set as your default browser it is quite possible that clicking a link in IE6 would launch FF.

  erkmatrix 09:45 15 Feb 2009

oh ok , yeah it is but you would of thought that it wouldn't let it in explorer, even the homepage button in explorer opens my google in firefox. I'll try and update to explorer 7 or 8 beta and see if it still does this.

  [email protected] 11:30 15 Feb 2009

TFT or CRT - you don't say?
Works ok on another PC so it's 99% certain it's your usual screen/PC setup.
Have you repositioned anything with regard to the usual placement of your monitor (telephone base unit/speakers etc). Both of these can and will cause interference.
Check all connections from the monitor right back to the inside of your PC (reseat graphics card if necessary).
Have you adjusted any display properties? Go back to default settings and work up from there.
Faults like this can be hard to find, good luck ;-)

  skeletal 15:51 15 Feb 2009

Not only can it be hard to track down problems like this, it is also hard to describe them on a forum!

My interpretation of your problem description is that it is a monitor or graphics card problem.

Given your monitor works on another PC, it would be really useful if you could borrow another monitor and see what it does on your PC. Clearly, if that does the same it is going to be the graphics card, or possibly, drivers.

I assume all was well until, suddenly, the problem started, which I would have thought, would be more likely to be a hardware problem rather than drivers (unless the problem started just after updating your drivers, obviously!).

The other thing to do, whilst having a play with wotbus’s ideas, is to change the display resolution. This may give further hints.


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