Cost of printing for a colour laser

  Mr. Chips 12:06 24 Oct 2008

I have a Samsung CLP-300N colour laser printer.

I have been asked to print off a load of doubled sided pages, with average text and a small amount of red.

Any idea what would be a charge that wouldn't see me out of pocket?

Any advice will be thankfully received.

  AlanHo 18:01 24 Oct 2008

Assuming you pay roughly £30 for each colour cartridge with 1000 page 5% cover and the same for black with 2000 page cover - if it were me I would charge 6p per page - hence double sided would be 12p per sheet of paper. This would cover the cost of just the toner and 80 gm paper - wear and tear, electricity and your time are other factors to take into account.

Why not ask your local Staples print shop what they would charge as a guide.

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