cost of phone calls using pipex?

  palinka 17:00 12 Mar 2008

My neighbour who has just got broadband from Pipex, has free evening and weekend calls from Pipex as part of the package.
She has NOT opted for their "anytime" calls, so is paying per call for daytime calls.
Does anyone know how much these daytime calls cost? Are they same/higher/lower than equivalent calls with BT?
I can't see anything about this on Pipex's FAQs.

I too use Pipex; if I dial 1280 before a tel no the call is directed through (and charged to) BT.
But I can't see anything like that on my neighbour's info from Pipex.

  palinka 19:44 12 Mar 2008

Found the answer myself, from the signing -up part of the Pipex site.
Also found that by opting for Pipex phone calls she has effectively switched providers from BT to Pipex, though keeping her BT line(and rental).
So as far as I can tell she CAN’T switch in & out of using BT as I can.
Unless someone out there knows different?

  Stuartli 19:48 12 Mar 2008

Seems as though she is on a Pipex LLU service; BT will retain the line and servicing from its exchange to her Master Socket.

  palinka 22:49 12 Mar 2008

Yes, thanks Stuartli. What I'm now not sure is whether she HAS actually opted for the phone calls part of Pipex's Mini Broadband - or not. I'd assumed at first that it was the same sort of deal that I have , but clearly not.

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