cost per page for printer

  hinchie Y2K III 10:25 03 Aug 2004

Hi all,
Can any of you help me work out the cost per page on a laserjet 4550n printer when using all colours. The last figure i got was this: 0.294005 GBP which i don't think is correct. Can you point me in the right direction please?


  hinchie Y2K III 10:40 03 Aug 2004

is this question in the wrong place?

  €dstowe 10:56 03 Aug 2004

It is almost impossible to answer.

The costs depend entirely on ink cover and price. If you are printing a heavily coloured photograph (example New York City at night) it will cost much more than the same view during daylight and more still than in snow.

Then again, how do you calculate ink usage? If your prime interest is, say pictures of the sea, the main ink use will be cyan toned with tiny amounts of yellow and magenta. If, however, your interest is in the beach then you will be using yellow toned with tiny amounts of cyan and magenta. Then again, if your interest is the countryside, you will be using cyan and yellow toned with magenta.

It could be you are not interested in pictures at all and your enquiry is about text.

My suggestion is do not worry too much about this.

If your concern is commercial and wondering how to charge clients, ink costs are insignificant compared to labour and time spent doing the print.

  hinchie Y2K III 11:02 03 Aug 2004

edstowe, thanks for your reply.
I suppose when you look at it that way it is insignificant.


  €dstowe 18:45 03 Aug 2004

Ink cost at my studio are absorbed in the general overheads. What we do make a point of, though, is using genuine inks specific for the printer. Even doing this, the costs are pretty much irrelevant in the overall charges made on a project.


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