corsair straffe keyboard problem

  KEITH 1955 19:10 15 Aug 2018

i have a pc specialists custom built pc using windows 10 and have a corsair straffe keyboard , i do not use the software because i tried it and the lights kept doing odd things.

this is my problem.....

my street is being expanded with lots more properties and every so often our power cuts out for a few minutes. ..... when my pc is turned back on my keyboard lights which should be standard static red start to strobe and i cant type anything.

this is what i have to do , go to device manager , uninstall generic keyboard driver , turn pc off , unplug keyboard , turn pc back on then plug keyboard back in.

this is a pain in the neck not only for me but more so fore my wife because she is in a wheelchair so obviously cant get to the cables to do " the fix".

is their anything i can do to stop what i have described from happening.

btw i do have a surge protector ... i have used one for years.

  wee eddie 19:43 15 Aug 2018

Buy a UPS. Uninterruptible Power Supply. It will cost you but, every time your PC crashes, there is a risk of the Hard Drive being corrupted

  Bris 16:07 16 Aug 2018

Strobing lights happen if you switch on at the mains but do not power up the PC within about 15 seconds.

If other problems are encountered then try changing to another USB port. If you are currently plugged into a USB3 port then try plugging into a USB2 port.

I had problems for ages trying to update the firmware with no success until I switched from a USB3 port to a USB2 port despite what the manual says and the forum was no use.

  KEITH 1955 19:11 16 Aug 2018

thanks bris I did not know that and you already know what I think of the software lol.

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