corsair straffe keyboard doing strange things

  KEITH 1955 15:41 15 Sep 2018

I need to tell you that my motherboard takes power from the mains even when the pc is turned off , this means that all usb sockets/devices have a small amount of power feeding them. It also mean that even when the pc is off I can use it to charge tablets and phones.

I have been renovating my home and from time to time I have to turn the entire mains supply off. When I turn the mains supply back on the lights on my keyboard start to strobe even though the pc is turn off. If I start my pc when I get to the desktop the lights still flash and I cant type anything. To get around this I have to unplug the keyboard , turn the pc on and when I get a message saying no keyboard detected I can plug it in and it works as it should. Why does this happen. The important thing to me is that my wife is in a wheelchair so if this happens and I am not at home she cant get to the usb cables.

  KEITH 1955 10:27 16 Sep 2018

for the benefit of anyone who has this problem I have got a reply from the makers

Hello Keith,

Sorry to hear that. Regarding your issue with power, it is related to features of your motherboard. Some motherboards, such as your's, include features such as always on USB ports which can cause issues such as this. I would suggest double checking your BIOS to see if it can be disabled on certain ports or use ports that do not have it if they are available. When the keyboard receives power without a data connection, the demo mode will run and it cannot be turned off.

My take on this , I don't intend to play around with the bios in case I do something stupid but whats the point in having a keyboard that in certain instances can go into demo mode and stop you typing.

  KEITH 1955 11:52 16 Sep 2018

thanks dave I will try that later and let you know what happens

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