Corrupted files on flash drive

  Compassion 17:11 28 Jan 2006

I recently purchased a Crucial 1GB Gizmo key drive after my original was recalled due to fault. I use this drive to store a lot of HTML pages (10,000 +) as wellas a few other files and apps.

The problem is that my files keep being corrupted. About once a week, I come across a file that can't be moved/opened & get a "corrupt file error". Similarly, I have files/folders whose names suddenly change to exclamation marks and other non-standard characters. This happens to HTML, text, images and folders (and probably other things). I get a "The filename,directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect" error and files usually show up as 0 bytes in explorer. However, both in explorer & in HD visualisation programs, the files can come up as huge - 4GB+.

The only solution to these problems is to run chkdsk /r /f which leaves me with file fragments (currently 462 from chkdsk x 4), some complete files, some truncated, some files mixed together, and some obviously text representations of folders, gifs etc. Having to go through all of these and work out what needs to be replaced etc. is extremely time-consuming. Most of the corrupted files seem to be recently opened/moved/altered, though not all. In addition, sometimes (uncorrupted) moved files/folders don't stay where they've been moved to.

Could these problems be:
a) due to the size of the disk/number of files on disk/amount of file transfer & movement on disk?
b) reasonable level of error that I just have to put up with?
c) fault with the disk which needs fixed/replaced?

I'd prefer not to replace my disk, but this is getting beyond a joke!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 28 Jan 2006

Op system?

be very careful not to remove drive whist reading or writing, always use "safely remove hardward" icon in task bar.

XP sometimes uses a delayed write option which can catch you out.

  Compassion 17:29 28 Jan 2006

Win2k. File system on flash drive is FAT.

I always "safely remove..." although on some occasions I've had to force a dismount (or switch off machine) when corrupted files have caused open handle problems.

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