Corrupt Registry Win2000

  GlasgowRFC 21:58 26 Feb 2003

Cousins pc running win2000 pro,
on startup it goes through its POST normally at win2000 startup screen the blue bar at the bottom
loads in as soon as it gets to the end it goes to a blue screen reporting that theres a corrupted registry hive (SECURITY)and restarts,it wont load in to a desktop.He didnt make a ERD,i managed to get startup disks and win2k CD Rom but using either to start the pc up and use the recovery console or the emergancy repair doesnt work pc wont even run setup from cdrom any1 got any ideas or does it look like i need to do a complete format and reinstall?

  GlasgowRFC 00:32 27 Feb 2003

Any1 Help me? cant even start in safe Mode

  temp003 04:03 27 Feb 2003

When you say the CD and (the four) startup disks don't work, do you mean that the computer cannot boot from the CD or the floppies at all? If so, you may have to go into BIOS after starting the computer, and check that the floppy drive and/or the CD drive comes before the hard disk in the boot sequence/priority.

If the computer can boot from the CD or startup floppies, but gets stuck somewhere in Windows 2000 Setup, can you tell us where it stopped, whether there is any error message, like cannot detect hard drive?

  powerless 06:47 27 Feb 2003
  vinnyo123 07:04 27 Feb 2003

fatel exception oe has occurred at oo28:c000030474 in vxd this was called from 0028:100304B3 in vxd,,,,,I see this blue screne of death once in awhile .and it seems to be when using internet explorer.IE freezes ,then blue screne ofdeath appears any key to return to windows.alt.cntrl del. (end task)to close IE .REstart and back to normal .I seen it happen twice .The only thing I could think of is I recently removed all adware and spyware with a program.Is it possible it corrupted a DLL. or cpl file.If so HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW?????thnks

  Derek 07:17 27 Feb 2003

I suggest you do not hang your problems onto another subscriber since it all tend to confuse the issues. I can see little advantage in duplicating upper case and question marks and where you have repeated commas after "vxd" is this part of the screen message. Perhaps you can see the advantages now of being succinct.

  vinnyo123 07:09 03 Mar 2003

It was my first post an actually did it wrong..EXCUSE me don't get all uptight ........

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