Corrupt registry

  herbie53 21:20 20 Nov 2010


This is on Windows XP

I have had errors on startup saying C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM registry file is corrupt and the PC would not boot. I used the instructions on the Microsoft website and a BartPE CD to copy over a backup registry and boot the computer, then do a system restore to restore it back to normal.

This has happened 3+ times, and after doing it once again last night it has happened again this morning.

The last time this happened I ran Check Disk, so if last time was due to corrupt sectors, then new ones have appeared.

Should I buy a new hard drive, as it seems this one is on it's way out making new bad sectors and causing the registry to be corrupted?

  birdface 21:49 20 Nov 2010

Have you tried running C Cleaner to see if that will fix it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:24 21 Nov 2010

"then do a system restore to restore it back to normal."

Sounds like the copy in the restore files is corrupt.

Maybe you need to reinstall the updates after doing the repair rather than doing a restore.

  Terry Brown 10:42 21 Nov 2010

have you checked the battery?, If the battery is not putting out the corect power, the bios settings can be lost and this will affect the registry,which will also affect the way data is written to the harddrive.

  herbie53 16:12 22 Nov 2010

Thanks for the responses,

l24 - I will try some diagnostics on the drive, thanks for that.

Fruit Bat - the first time I performed this fix it stayed running for around 7 weeks - connecting to the internet most days and with automatic updates switched on - the steps I followed were from here:
click here

"Part Four...3. Click System Restore, and then click Restore to a previous RestorePoint." I restored back to a restore point from around a week ago each time.

Terry Brown - The system is keeping time fine, is this possible even if it's not losing the time? Also not clear on how the registry can be affected by this as the hard drive doesn't have power when the machine is powered off (and the battery is doing its job).

  herbie53 21:25 23 Nov 2010

The PC started working again with no intervention yesterday, but today it has now started restarting continually and displaying the start windows normally, last good configu etc screen, neither of which work.

Does this look like the erratic behaviour of a dying hard drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 23 Nov 2010


  birdface 21:45 23 Nov 2010

Automatic updates switched on.
Computer worked Ok yesterday maybe check to see if you had any Microsoft updates downloaded yesterday.
Microsoft has a bad habit of putting wrong updates on some computers that's why I always run mine manually.
Worth a check I suppose if you find one maybe delete it and see if the computer works any better without it.

  herbie53 21:46 23 Nov 2010

Thank you very much - it's great to have a second opinion!

  herbie53 21:55 23 Nov 2010

OK, I'll have the PC here soon and I'll try that. WOuld you suggest simply uninstalling recent updates from add/remove programs (if I can get that far).

  birdface 22:43 23 Nov 2010

No just any from yesterday or this morning.
There may not have been any but worth a look.

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