corrupt pst file

  Rhondda Valleys 08:15 26 Jun 2013


I'm running MS Outlook 2007 on windows 7.

My problem is that my pst file is showing as being corrupted. I have run scanpst a couple of times and even though it reports as being repair I am still unable to open Outlook.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

  compumac 08:38 26 Jun 2013

Do you have any backups of outlook.pst?

  Rhondda Valleys 08:48 26 Jun 2013

Yes I do. However, the main problem is thast the corrupted file is stopping outlook starting.

  Woolwell 10:45 26 Jun 2013

Does Outlook open at all or does it just report a corrupt file?

2 things to try:

  1. Reboot your computer.

  2. Start Outlook in safe mode See MS Support

  Woolwell 10:46 26 Jun 2013

Just re-read your posting, you don't have to open Outlook to replace the pst file.

  wee eddie 10:54 26 Jun 2013

When replacing a .pst file. Make a Copy of the File you are going to use and use the Copy. Then, if anything goes wrong you still have the original file.

I am no expert ~ so wait until someone tells us whether this is right or not.

Delete the corrupted .pst file and then import the new .pst file

  Woolwell 11:38 26 Jun 2013

The pst file should be in something like C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

You should be able to just replace it without importing it by opening Outlook. Keep a copy of both files before replacing to be on the safe side.

  johnmic 08:10 27 Jun 2013

If these emails is very important for you then there is no option to use third party software to repair outlook pst file. Many many companies offer outlook pst recovery software. Some of well known companies are

RecoveryFix for Outlook PST Repair

Kernel or Outlook PST Recovery

Stellar info


  Woolwell 10:16 27 Jun 2013

johnmic - If you have a back up copy of your pst file and that is ok then there should be no need to pay to fix it.

  Woolwell 11:02 28 Jun 2013

Why does pst failures bring out the spammers? Another one has just arrived.

  rdave13 18:02 15 Sep 2013

lotvic , FE's away... lol

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