Corrupt Office Files

  ame 21:10 10 Jul 2010

My daughter has some Word and Excel business files on a Samsung usb flash drive that won't open as they appear to be corrupted. I have tried to open and repair them on my pc using Office 2010 but to no avail. Opening them with Openoffice reveals a load of gobbledegook. Is there any way of recovering the data?

  Sea Urchin 22:27 10 Jul 2010

In which versions of Word and Excel were the files created?

  QuizMan 22:39 10 Jul 2010

I find it strange that they are ALL corrupted especially as they are both word documents and spreadsheets. "Gobbledegook" suggests that they are not true office files or maybe there is some encryption taking place.

Are there files on the USB stick that open normally?

  ame 10:51 11 Jul 2010

Thanks guys. Not sure what Office version they were created with - suspect 2003 but will check. Other Word and Excel files on the usb drive open normally. My daughter is not program or computer-savvy (hence no copies/backup - doh!) so I'd be surprised if they were encrypted files. Any way of checking? Any freeware that might help? Cheers.

  BRYNIT 11:08 11 Jul 2010

Unless your daughter opened and saved the files direct to the USB flash drive the original files would still be on the computer she used. Its more likely these are copies of the originals. You could check if the originals are still on the computer.

  ame 11:42 11 Jul 2010

Will check if files are anywhere else once I get hold of her laptop, but she's clueless I'm afraid. Have just tried to save a Word and Excel file to her flash drive but I get the same problem when I try to open them, yet they are ok when I save to my own pen drive. So problem must be with her pen drive. I get the following message when I try to open the Word file on her drive :- "Word cannot start the converter mswrd632." There seems to be some sort of encoding issue but the help offered by Windows doesn't help much!

  lotvic 11:48 11 Jul 2010

seems to be a common issue with one of the updates
google for
converter mswrd632
and do the required fix, hopefully that will resolve it.

  ame 12:01 11 Jul 2010

Was googling it, but no problem with my own pc and pen drive, so don't want to muck my own Windows XP SP3 desktop system around. Will now try to open the 2 files I saved to her pen drive on my Windows 7 laptop, which wouldn't open her "corrupted" files yesterday. Both run Office 2010. Weird!!

  Marko797 12:04 11 Jul 2010

I've had this in the past with pen-drives, & suspect it might have been because I didn't go through the 'safely remove' process which caused the file corruption. Maybe your daughter did something similar, or the pen-drive is totally corrupt?

  ame 12:20 11 Jul 2010

No luck opening my saved files on her pen drive with my laptop either. Saved another Word and Excel file to her pen drive. They opened from it fine until I "safely removed" her pen drive and then plugged it back in, when I again got the error message which seems to be about encoding. I got them open but gobbledegook appeared in both. My brain is beginning to hurt.

  ame 17:22 11 Jul 2010

Hmmm...not a Samsung pen drive after all - a cheapo 32GB drive I think that someone bought for her and she put a Samsung strap on. I think the pen drive is duff, as I noticed bits of recent files in other older ones when I open them with Notepad. When I copied the drive to DVD using Nero there were a lot of data verification errors, so I think the data is a bit more "mobile" than it should be!! God save us from bargain hunters....

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