Corrupt navapw32- XP won't boot

  ukzz4iroc 15:29 14 Apr 2005

I have managed to source the file that is preventing XP Pro from booting via a prolonged selective startup method in msconfig.

It is navapw32 and it sits in the startup section. If I do a search for the file- there are 3 files and one was modified on the day my computer went loopey (13th April 2005) I deleted this one, but I still can't work out the best thing to do? Sounds like a virus to me which has wiped out or modified this Norton file.

Please will someone help me and tell me step by step the best thig I can do?

Many, many, many thanks.

  andrew-196854 15:37 14 Apr 2005

only an idea but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling norton antivirus

  ukzz4iroc 15:40 14 Apr 2005

Not sure that it will it let me remove a program in Selective start up mode? If I run in normal start up- it reloads with the dreaded file, so am limited to just this.. Thanks for teh quick reply.

  andrew-196854 15:50 14 Apr 2005

have you tried unistalling it in safe mode

  ukzz4iroc 15:59 14 Apr 2005

It won't let me as it won't uninstall in a MS Dos state??

  andrew-196854 16:49 14 Apr 2005

you could have this virus have a read [email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  ukzz4iroc 16:53 14 Apr 2005

That's what I was starting to think. Should I uninstall NAV and put on a new one like AVG antivirus and run spyware etc..? Doesn't look like Norton can clear this one for me?

Thanks for your help and your time.

  andrew-196854 17:05 14 Apr 2005

norton can clear it for you all you have to do is update it and do a full scan , how long have you had norton antivirus and have you renewed you subscription if not you will not get the lastest updates

  ukzz4iroc 17:33 14 Apr 2005

I've had it for some time and always liveupdate it. Subscription is current too. I just hope if I disable the NAVAPW32 at startup, I will be able to access the internet and do the liveupdate..

Many thanks again my friend.

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