Corrupt / Lost pictures on laptop

  Covergirl 12:17 10 Mar 2010

I've recently noticed a few sub-folders within my Pictures folder where the photos are corrupt.

I'm on VHP with Picasa as default.

Opening the folder indicates that the files are there, but in Large Icon view I just get the generic icon.

When I try open the picture (in whatever viewer - Picasa, Windows Photo Manager etc) I get the "Cannot Open - File Corrupt" message.

There is plenty of disk space and photos in other folders are OK.

Anybody know of an image recovery program which would allow me to select a folder (full of photos) to restore?

I've tried one or two but they tend to want to examine the whole HDD.

Any other suggestions gratefully received

  Technotiger 12:23 10 Mar 2010

If you could put that folder(with the pics) onto a Photo-card or a Flash Drive, then this little program (it is a direct download) might recover your pics, after browsing within the program, to your card or Flash Drive.

click here

  john bunyan 13:48 10 Mar 2010

I strongly suggest you consider a USB HD and back up your data on it . So many on the forum seem to have no back up in case of a HD failure.At worst back up to DVD's.Hope you recover the photos.

  Kevscar1 13:56 10 Mar 2010

Only don't do what my dearly beloved did and break the DVD getting it out of the case.

  Covergirl 22:27 10 Mar 2010

Yes, I've got a couple of hundred monthly backups from my previous system. Then you get a new system and it all works and is guaranteed and yes, things slip a bit.

So three months after my last backup I find that some folders of 2 month old photos have mysteriously corrupted themselves making them unreadable with an "Invalid Image" message from Picasa, a "Can't Read File Header" from IrfanView, "the file may be unsupported, damaged or corrupted" message from Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Photo Gallery.

I think I actually need a "file repair" program for photos because Campic found loads of deleted photos from 2 years ago (on the old card I copied the folder to - thanks for the advice & link Techotiger) but has not found or repaired any of the photos I was looking for.

I'll have a look round for a file repair utility but if anyone has further suggestions please post

  Covergirl 22:30 10 Mar 2010

. . . I'm using a usb hdd to backup now - but what happens if the same situation occurs on the backup drive? Or CD/DVD? or USB pen drive?
What is actually safe these days apart from a hard copy (which could get lost, burnt or wet . . . )?

  john bunyan 22:46 10 Mar 2010

Have a look through this - in particulat woolwell et al.
click here

  Covergirl 22:57 10 Mar 2010

With respect, I don't really need a lesson on incremental backups, thanks jb

jpeg repair is what I think I need now. Just been having a look without much success so any tried & tested recommendations would be appreciated thanks.

Must to to bed . . . . :)

  Technotiger 08:50 11 Mar 2010

You could give the free trial a go ....

click here

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