corrupt java is crashing my system

  cliffoa 15:48 10 Jul 2008

I have a HP laptop running vista home premium, 9 months old. It was running perfectly until the internal fan suddenly started overworking loudly last week, and task manager showed high CPU usage.

I was on facebook at the time, suspected some virus or malware, although I'm using ESET smart security so nothin should have got thru.

I tried a manual scan with the ESET, but it froze about half way through, locking up my system, nothing responded, so I had to hit the on-off button. Tried again, but scan froze at same spot. I thought maybe ESET problem, so uninstalled and tried AVG free, but that froze half way through scan too, in exactly same place, locking my whole system up.

I also tried using a programme that came installed with the laptop, to analyse the system and make sure everything's running okay. That also gave up half way through, crashing system ending in blue screen of death.

the file the AV scans always stop at is c:programfiles/Java/jre1.6.01/bin/npjava12.dll

I brought it into work, a guy who knows more than me about computers had a look and said this:

"Whenever certain files in my original Java 6 installation directory (not the update) are accessed in any way, the system becomes non-responsive. They cannot be deleted and Java 6 cannot be un-installed, nor scanned by an anti-virus checker, and they cannot be run, so for instance when facebook tries to load a java applet or some other programme tries to load java, the system fails."

So it appears we can't even access the files that are corrupt.

I can still surf the net and the laptop still generally works, but every now and then the fan goes ballistic, and when anything tries to hook up with java my system either freezes up or I get the blue screen of death.

We have tried the usual things like rolling back a few weeks on system restore, and installing and uninstalling java updates, but the problem persists. He is very wary about ripping java out my system, as he's not sure what that will do to me OS.

Has anyone experienced something similar? And can you suggest a solution?

Finally, dont' know if it's relevant, but every time I boot up now I get a pop up box saying 'Device Monitor Application has stopped working - check for solutions online and close the programme'. I click on the link to solutions but the pop up just disappears and no solution or link thru to website ever occurs. Maybe unrelated to main problem, but I suspect not. Help!

  ambra4 16:18 10 Jul 2008

“Java 6 cannot be un-installed”

Of course you uninstalled Java if you use a descant uninstall program

Forget Microsoft Add/Remove program as it leave files in the registry and on the hard

drive which will causes problem uninstalling and reinstalling programs

Revo Uninstaller

click here

If the windows request message to reboot appear DO NOT click the NO button Revo will

now search the registry and hard drive for any files that is not required, just click the

Select All button and the Delete button if any left over files are found once the “Finish”

button appear you can than reboot the computer

click here

  mfletch 16:22 10 Jul 2008

If revo fails try this from microsoft

click here;en-us;290301

Removal instructions:

Download the Microsoft Installer Clean Up utility file and save it on your desktop
Double click on executable file. The installation process will start. Follow the instructions accordingly
Once installation process is over, go to Start -> All Programs -> Run Windows Install Clean Up utility
This will launch the Windows Installer Clean Up utility dialog box
Under the Installed products list, select the desired JRE version that you want to remove
Click Remove and Exit

  cliffoa 16:24 10 Jul 2008

thanks for the suggestion ambra4, I will have a crack at using Revo when I get home tonight. Presumably I will then need to reinstall Java again?

  mfletch 16:24 10 Jul 2008

Don't know why the link failed

click here

  ambra4 16:42 10 Jul 2008

"I will then need to reinstall Java again"

Yes but download the file and install don't like to install files straight from the Internet it can problems at times cause

  ambra4 16:44 10 Jul 2008

Sorry should read "can cause problems at times"

  cliffoa 17:22 10 Jul 2008

thanks for the clarification, and extra tip about downloading java again, ambra4, and also thanks for the back up plan mfletch, if revo doesn't work I'll try windows installer cleanup. will let you guys know how i got on.

  brundle 19:21 10 Jul 2008

Sounds more like a hard-drive problem to me but above suggestions all good.
You might find this useful to clear out junk Java stuff click here

  cliffoa 19:44 10 Jul 2008

cool, thanks brundle, I'll keep JavaRa in my back pocket in case the other solutions don't work. will post on here how things went. cheers.

  cliffoa 19:39 15 Jul 2008

hi guys
the uninstaller programmes locked up when trying to get rid of the corrupt java files so I just went in and deleted the whole java folder and re-downloaded and installed, which fixed the AVG scanner problems. However my laptop still has bursts of high CPU usage and fan noise for no apparent reason. Took it back to pc world where I bought it, they advised I try first running Vista's 'non destructive' repair, then if no joy with that, a 'destructive' vista repair, which is basically a reformat and reinstall to factory settings. So I think I'll whack everything on a portable hard drive and try those. Will let you know how I get on.

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